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  1. hemiplegic
    left or right side of body is paralyzed
  2. paraplegic
    two limbs are paralyzed
  3. quadriplegic
    all four limbs are paralyzed
  4. ambulation
  5. transfer
    moving someone from one place to another
  6. body alignment
    putting and/or keeping the body in the correct anatomical position
  7. prothesis
    an artificial limb
  8. osteoarthritis
    bone and joint inflammation
  9. osteoporosis
    brittle bone disease
  10. atrophy
    wasting or decrease in the size of a muscle
  11. contracture
    a permanent shortening of a muscle
  12. colon
    the large intestine
  13. defecation
    ridding the body of solid waste
  14. emesis
  15. feces
    semisolid body waste
  16. fecal impaction
    dry stool stuck in the body
  17. incontinence
    the inablility to control urination and/or defecation
  18. dehydration
    when the body has less water then needed
  19. nocturia
    night time urination or getting up in the middle of the night to urinate
  20. hepatitis
    inflammation of the liver
  21. ostomy
    a man-made opening into the body
  22. stoma
    opening of the ostomy
  23. metabolism
    all the combined processes
  24. peristalsis
    involuntary muscle movements of the Gastro-intestinal tract
  25. seizure
    sudden spasms of muscle caused by abnormal brain activity
  26. hormones
    certain body or brain chemicals that control specific body or brain activities
  27. pituitary gland
    the master gland
  28. auditory
    pertaining to the sense of hearing
  29. optic
    pertaining to the eye
  30. aphasia
    loss of the ability to speak
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