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  1. purposes of comm organization
    • 1-to find solutions to social problems
    • 2-to develop specific qualities in community members
    • 3-to bring about needed changes in the quality of community relationships as well as in the way the decision making power is distributed
  2. problem solving process in community organization
    • 1- identification or analysis of a problem
    • 2-identification and recruitment of individuals who will provide various forms of support to the planning and organizational efforts, including funding and the coordination of their effforts throughout the process
    • 3-goals and objectives
    • 4-creation of a plan of action
    • 5-determining and obtaining needed resources
    • 6-implementation and monitoring of the plan of action
    • 7-evaluation of the impact of the intervention
    • 8-reassessment and stabilization of the problem situation
  3. roles of the community organizer
    • teacher
    • catalyst (motivator)
    • facilitator
    • linking role
  4. change strategies in community orgnization
    • social protest
    • legal efforts
    • community education
    • self help groups
    • negotiating
    • lobbying
    • action research (exposes social problem to exert influence on others to resolve the problem)
    • whistleblowing
  5. models of community organization
    locality development
    utilizing community members to create change; focus is on building a cohesive community creating a strong community infrastructure that will be able to respond to its needs
  6. models of community organization
    social planning
    studying a problem situation in a targeted community and proposing a plan
  7. models of community org
    social action
    the use of power and control techniques to being about change, leadership and establishment ways of doing things are challenged
  8. models of comm org
    social reform
    the process of working with other agencies to create change and eliminate structural inequalities
  9. 1950 social security act amendments of 1950
    established to develop an aid program for totally disabled individuals and liberalized several other social programs
  10. 1957: the civil rights act of 1957
    created the commission on civil rights
  11. 1964: the civil rights act of 1964
    passed to ensure that no person be discriminated against in any federally funded program, a major step in decreasing institutionalized discrimination
  12. 1965: the older americans' act of 1965
    established to provide programs that provided services to older americans and created a network to coordinate the services for the nation's elderly population
  13. 1965: the medicare act
    established universal federal health insurance for every american age 65 and older
  14. 1965: the medicaid act
    provided federal grants to assist states with the provision of medical services for the poor
  15. 1974: the child abuse prevention and treatment act
    est federal lagislation to help state prevent, identify, and treat child abuse and neglect. the act required states to create an agency to investigate allegations of child abuse, create a reporting system and pass a law protecting children from abuse
  16. 1974: the family educational rights and privacy act (FERPA) the buckley amendment
    passed to protest the privacy of educational records of all students attending schools that receive federal funds; provides parents and students the right to reqview all educational records and required consent in writing before records could be released to a third party
  17. 1974: the education for handicapped children act
    created to guarantee a "free, appropriate, public education" with related services for all disabled children between the ages of 3 and 21; schools were required to develop, with the parents, an individual education program (IEP) for each hild and place the child in the "least restrictive environment"
  18. 1978: the indian child welfare act of 1978
    passed to enable american indian nations or organizations jurisdiction in cases where native american children are in need of child welfare services and foster home placement
  19. 1981: the omnibus budget reconciliation act (OBRA)
    created the community service block grant funds, which consolidated fifst social services into seven block grants: social services; community services; alcohol, drug abuse, and mental health; maternal and child health services; community development services; primary healthcare; and precautionary health services.
  20. 1988: the family support act of 1988
    passed as a welfare reform act whcich emphasized self-sufficiency and employment for elfare recipients. states were required to reduce barriers to emplymet and provide the means for AFDS recipients to acquire skills and education to find and keep a job
  21. 1990: the americans with disabilities act
    passed to prevent discrimination on the basis of disability in the areas of employment, access to public services, access to public and private transportation, and tlecommunication services.
  22. 1993: the family and medical leave act (FMLA)
    requires employers who participate in this program to provide up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave to eligible employees for certain family and medical reasons, without fear of losing their jobs
  23. 1994: multiethnic placement act and the removal of barriers to interethnic adoption
    intent was to incraese the adoption rates of children of color and to decrease the amount of time they spent in foster care waiting to be adopted
  24. 1994: violence agains women act
    passed to develop and strengthen law enforcement and prosecution strategies for violent crimes against women; also provided for developing and stregthening services for women who were victims of violent crimes
  25. 1996: the temporary assistance for needy families (TANF)
    replaced aid to families with dependent childnren (AFDC). the act placed time limits affixed to public assistance and required that those who were enrolled inthe program be employed
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