Traditions and Encounters Chapter 5

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  1. The yellow river was also called the ___.
    Huang He
  2. The yellow river is ___ miles long and starts in ____.
    3000, Tibet
  3. The yellow river deposits fertile light colored soil called ___.
  4. The yellow river had periodic flooding that was called "___"
    china's sorrow
  5. The prehistoric society called the Yangshao.
    ___ to ___ BCE
    ___ village
    painted ____
    ____ tools
    • 5000 to 3000
    • banpo
    • pottery
    • bronze
  6. The earliest dynasties
    (The Xia was founded by ___ who mastered and controlled ____.)
    King Yu, flooding
  7. The earliest dyanasties
    (Bronze metallurgy was introduced in the ___ dynasty)
  8. What were the three earliest dynasties?
    Xia, Shang, Zhou
  9. The Shang Dynasty used state monopoly in which they ____.
    controlled everything
  10. The Shang dynasty used ____ chariots and _____ vehicles.
    horse drawn, wheeled
  11. The Shang dynasty has ___ armies.
  12. The Shang dynasty has a political organization with a network of _____ that were ____ to center
    fortified cities, loyal
  13. The Shang dyanasty had _____ towns.
  14. Shang Dynasty burial practices
    (____ social structure)
  15. Shang dynasty burial practices
    (sacrificial victims were usually ____)
    slaves, wives, servants, friends and hunting companions
  16. The Zhou Dynasty
    (No ___codes, rule by ___. Mandate of _____ which meant _____)
    law, decree, heaven heavenly powers were granted the right to govern
  17. Zhou Dynasy
    (____ of villages opposed to Shang leagership lead to ___ of authority)
    aggretion, decentralization
  18. Zhou Dynasy
    (Development of cheap ___ weaponry ends Shang monopoly on ___.)
    iron, bronze
  19. Zhou Dynasy
    (had an early ___ economy)
  20. Decline of Zhou Dynasty
    (Decentralized leadership allows for ____ of ____ powers. Increasing local independence, refusal to pay zhou taxes)
    building, local
  21. Decline of the Zhou Dynasy
    (___ metallurgy allows for widespread ___ of weaponry)
    iron, creation
  22. Decline of Zhou dynasty
    (___ invaders weaken Zhou dynasy)
  23. Decline of Zhou Dynasy
    (what was the period of the warring states)(Who eventually takes over)
    between 403 and 221 BCE when local authorities were fighting for power, Qin dynasty
  24. What are oracle bones?
    instruments used by fortune tellers in ancient china
  25. Zhou literature
    (Who was Confusious)
    a philosopher
  26. Zhou literature
    (what was the book of changes)
    manual for divination
  27. Zhou literature
    What was the book of history?
    the history of the Zhou
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