Theology Vocab Chap 2

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  1. canon
    A list of books that a religious community finds sacred and authoritative; from the Greeek kanon
  2. codex
    A manuscript book of an ancient biblical text, a form pioneered by Christians to replace the unwieldy scrolls on which the Scriptures were originally recorded.
  3. Codex Sinaiticus (4)
    1)Ancient Greek edition of bible with OT and NT

    2)NT included Epistle of Barnabas and Shepherd of Hermas.

    3)Written in uncial script on fine vellum

    4)one of the oldet and most valuable texts of Christian Scriptures
  4. Codex Vaticanus (2)
    1)Older than Codex Sinaiticus

    2)lacks part of the Hebrews, several Pauline letters, and Revelation
  5. Constantine (3)
    1)Roman emperor who converted to Christianity

    2)His reign began state support of the early church with the Edict of Milan that mandated general tolerance of Christianity

    3)precided over the Council of Nicaea
  6. Gnosticism
    Widespread and extremely diverse movement in early Christianity. Followers believed that salvation is gained through a special knowledge (gnosis) It became a heresy of the early church.
  7. the Great Persecution
    Period just prior to Constantine under Diocletians rule. He attempted to exterminate Christianity by ordering adherents imprisoned or killed and burned all their books.
  8. Latin Vulgate
    "common" Latin
  9. Marcion
    An early Gnostic Christian who attempted to establihsh a Christian Scripture distinct from the Hebrew Bible, which he rejected. His version only included Luke's Gospel and the Pauline letters, which were the only documents he believed to reflect true belief. The church at Rome expelled him as a heretic.
  10. Muratorian Canon
    A fragmentary document listing books of the NT that its author regarded as canonical. Although written in Latin during the 18th century, the fragment is a translation of a much older Greek work.
  11. Protestant Reformation
    Begun in Germany by a monk, Martin Luther, who vigorously protested admministrative corruption and other practices of the Roman Catholic Church.
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