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  1. Why do dental treatment room surfaces need barriers or disinfection?
    They become contaminated w/ saliva or aerosol containig blood & saliva. They can act as reservoirs for microorganisms. can be transferred to instruments. They can prevent contamination of clinical contact areas.
  2. What are type of surfaces in the dental office that are commonly covered with barriers?
    • -surfaces with crevices
    • -knobs
    • -light handles
    • -air water syringe handles
    • -electrical switches
  3. What are 2 methods for dealing with surface contamination?
    • 1. prevent the surface from becoming contaminated w/ the use of the surface barrier.
    • 2. Preclean & disinfect the surface b/w patients.
  4. What are differences between disinfection & sterilization?
    • Disinfection: used to reduce or lower the # of microorganisms on inanimate objects.
    • Sterilization: process that kills all microorganisms
  5. What are differences between a disinfectant & an antiseptic?
    • -Disinfectant: used for chemicals that are applied to inanimate surfaces, such as countertops & dental equipment.
    • -Antiseptic: antimicrobial agents applied to living tissue(skin)
  6. What is the name of the government agency that is responsible for registering disinfectants?
  7. What xhemical products are commonly used for intermediate- and low-level surface disinfection?
    • -Intermediate: Sodium hypochlorite"bleach" is fast acting, economical and not EPA registered.
    • -Low: Detergents/ desinfectant/water are reservoir for microorganisms
  8. What is the process of cleaning and disinfecting a treatment room?
    • 1. Use utility gloves, eyewear, protective clothing
    • 2. precleaning, disinfecting product prepared
    • 3. spray paper towel/ wipe surface (preclean)
    • 4. (disinfect) spray towel & let surface remain moist
    • 5. wipe dry
  9. Process of precleaning contaminated dental instruments?
    • -Glutaraldehyde
    • -Chlorine dioxide
    • -ortho
  10. What are precautions that should be taken when one is using chemical sterilants or disinfectants?
    • -mixing & diluting
    • -application technique
    • -shelf life
    • -activated use life
    • -all safety warnings
  11. What are the CDC Guidelines for disinfecting clinical contact surfaces?
    If barriers are not used, surfaces should be cleaned & disinfected b/w patients w/ and EPA-registered hospital disinfectant w/ and HIV, HBV claim.
  12. What are the CDC Guidelines for disinfecting housekeeping surfaces?
    Clean w/ detergent or a low-level disinfectant & water or w/ and EPA-registered hospital disinfectant/detergent.
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