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  1. Energy Sources
    Carbohydrates, Fats, and protiens
  2. Proteins are
    Amino acids.
  3. Undernutrition
    Signs of more serious malnutrition appear when nutritional reserves are depleted and nutrient and energy intake is not sufficent to meet day to day needs or added metabolic stress.
  4. Overnutrition
    Excess nutrient and energy intake over time. example: morbid obesity.
  5. Functions of Carbohydrates
    Primary Energy Function: Basic Fuel Supply, Reserve Fuel Supply
  6. Special Tissue Functions: Liver
    Glycogen reserves in the liver and muscle tissue provide a constant exhange with the body's overall energy balance system.
  7. Special Tissue Functions: Protein and Fat
    • Carbohydrates help regulate both protein and fat metabolism.
    • sufficent carbohydrate = protein does not have to be broken down to supply energy
    • rapid break down of fat would produce excess materials called ketones.
  8. Special Tissue Functions: Heart
    fatty acids are the preferred fuel for the heart muscle, glycogen (polyaccharides) is a vital emergency fuel.
  9. Special Tissue Functions: Central Nervous System
    Constant carbohydrate intake and reserves are necessary for proper functioning of the central nervous system. the brain depends on a constant minute to minute supply of glucose from the blood system.
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