SAT Vocabulary. Unit 1: Lesson 7

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  1. Sanguis
  2. Choler
  3. Melan
  4. Anima
    Spirit, Mind
  5. Sanguine (adj.)
    After acing his final, David was sanguine about his prospects for a goos overall course grade.
    • Cheerfully optimistic
    • Synonyms: blithe, buoyant
    • Antonyms: morose, forlorn, melancholy, sullen
  6. Phlegmatic (adj.)
    His prolonged illness turned julio from a spry, happy bon vivant into a morose and phlegmatic bore.
    • Sluggish
    • Synonyms: languorous, lethargic, somnolent, torpid
    • Antonyms: vigorous, vibrant, hale, spry
  7. Melancholy (adj.)
    She has been so melancholy ever since she broke up with her boyfriend; sometimes she is even too depressed to talk with her friends.
    • Sad, Depressed ( melan-black + choler bile)
    • Synonyms: morose, despondent, disconsolate, sullen
    • Antonyms: blithe, buoyant, sanguine
  8. Choleric ( adj.)
    Gena's mom is really nice but her dad is choleric; he freaks out about the smallest things.
    • Easily angered (choler- bile + -ic characterized by)
    • Synonyms: irascible, fractious, bilious, splenetic
  9. Recalcitrant (adj.)
    Christine is a talented volleyball player, but she's so recalcitrant that our coach often keeps her on the bench.
    • Stubbirnly resistant to authority (re- back + calcitrare kick)
    • Synonyms: refractory, intractable
    • Antonyms: compliant, docile, tractable, obsequious, obeisant
  10. Lethargic (adj.)
    After three weeks of factoring polynomials, my entire class became lethargic; we were boreed to death!
    • Sluggish; dully apathetic
    • Synonyms: languorous, phlegmatic, torpid
    • Antonyms: vigorous, vibrant, hale, spry
  11. Splenetic (adj.)
    • Irritable; easily angered (splen- spleen)
    • Synonyms: bilious, choleric
  12. Querulous (adj.)
    • Disposed to complaining
    • Synonyms: peevish, captious, carping, caviling
  13. Dolorous (adj.)
    • Marked by or expressive of sorrow or pain (dolor- pain)
    • Synonyms: lugubrious, doleful
  14. Animosity (n.)
    • Hostility; ill-will ( animosus bold)
    • Synonyms: malevolence, antagonism, invidiousness
  15. Pusillanimous (adj.)
    • Cowardly ( pusillus- weak +anima spirit)
    • Synonyms: timorous, craven, dastardly
  16. Lassitude (n.)
    • Feeling of weakness or listlessness
    • Synonyms: lethargy, languor, torpor, stupor
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