Anatomy 3

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  1. Def of a cell
    • structural and functional unit of life.
    • varible in apperance and funtion
  2. plasma membrane
    • otter shell of the cell
    • filters, receptors, mantains an electrical gradient
  3. phospholipid bilayer
    • in plasma membrane, self assembed
    • hydrophilc and hydrophobic
  4. integral protiens
    • in bilayer of plasma membrane
    • works as channles and pumps. serves as a receptor
  5. peripheral protien
    exsists outside of bilayer in plasma membrane and IN the cell. strengthens bilayer and makes enzymes
  6. cholesterol
    • in plasma membrane, stiff/waxy material
    • strengthens the bilayer
  7. Nucleus
    brain of the cell, contains genetic inheritance, controls everyday activities by controlling organs and functions
  8. chromatin
    • dna ACTIVE form
    • made of DNA and protiens, dark, used for cell division.
    • different from chromosomes
  9. cytoplasm
    • everything between nuclear membrane and plasma membrane.
    • contains cytosol
  10. Free Ribosomes
    • Make protien used INSIDE the cell
    • float
  11. bound ribosomes
    • stuck to er.
    • make protien and are sent elsewhere
  12. Rough er
    ribosomes stuck on it, makes protiens for transport
  13. smooth er
    • no protiens, makes lipids and carbs
    • detoxification
  14. golgi complex
    acts as a cellular packaging and transport system.
  15. mitochondria
    provides usable energy for the cell in for of ATP. Makes ATP.
  16. lysosomes
    • membrane sac with digestive enzymes
    • kills invading organisms for protection
    • digest food particles and worn out organells.
  17. peroxisomes
    special enzymes that break down hydrogen peroxide with catalase
  18. proteasomes
    breaks down protiens
  19. microfilaments
    • in cytoskeleton
    • solid rods of actin
    • participate in muscle contractions
  20. intermediate filament
    • in cytoskeleton
    • larger rods of protien, prevents tearing and creates muscle contractions
  21. microtubles
    • in cytoskeleton
    • hollow rods of protien tubuen
    • moves substances over cell surface
    • participate im cell division
  22. cillia
    hairs that move substances
  23. fagella
    help move sperm
  24. centroles
    • used during cell division
    • helps form the mitotic spindle
  25. inclusions/vacules
    storage centers
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