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  1. Pectoral girdle-Elevation
    levator scapulae; trapezius
  2. Pectoral girdle-Depression
    pectoralis minor; trapezius; latissimus dorsi
  3. Pectoral girdle-Protraction
    serratus anterior; pectoralis minor
  4. Pectoral girdle-Retraction
    rhomboid major and minor; trapezius
  5. Pectoral girdle-Lateral rotation
    serratus anteriror; trapezius
  6. Pectoral girdle-Medial rotation
    rhomboid majro and minor; levator scapulae
  7. Shoulder joint-Flexion of humerus
    Pectoralis minor; deltoid; biceps; coracobrachialis
  8. Shoulder joint-Extension of humerus
    deltoid; latissimus dorsi; teres major
  9. Shoulder joint-Abduction of humerus
    deltoid; supraspinatus
  10. Shoulder joint-Adduction of humerus
    pectoralis major; latissimus dorsi; teres major
  11. Shoulder joint-Lateral rotation of scapula in abduction
    deltoid; infraspinatus; teres minor
  12. Shoulder joint-Medial rotation of scapula in adduction
    pectoralis major; latissimus dorsi; deltoid; teres major; subscapularis
  13. Elbow-Flexion
    brachialis; bicepts brachii; brachioradialis
  14. Elbow-Extension
    triceps brachii
  15. Radioulnar joint-Pronation
    pronator teres; pronator quadratus
  16. Radioulnar joint-Supination
    supinator; bicepts brachii
  17. At wrist joints-Flexion
    flexor carpi ulnaris; flexor carpi radialis
  18. At wrist joints-Extension
    extensor carpi unaris; extensor carpi radialis longus; extensor carpi radialis brevis
  19. At wrist joints-Abduction
    extensor carpi radialis longus/brevis; flexor capri radialis
  20. At wrist joints-Adduction
    flexor carpi ulnaris; extensor carpi ulnaris
  21. Fingers-Flexion of all fingers at MP joints
    lumbricals; P/D interossei
  22. Fingers-Flexion of all fingers at MP joint of little finger
    flexor digiti minimi
  23. Fingers-Flexion of all fingers at PIP joints
    flexor digitorum superficialis; lumbricals
  24. Fingers-Flexion of all fingers at DIP joints
    flexor digitorum profundus
  25. Fingers-Extension at MP joints all fingers
  26. Fingers-Abduction at MP joints
    dorsal interossei; abductor digiti minimi
  27. Fingers-Adduction at MP joints for all fingers; except middle
    palmar interossei
  28. Fingers-Opposition of little finger
    opponens digiti minimi
  29. Thumb-Flexion at all joints; especially IP
    flexor pollicis longus
  30. Thumb-Flexion at MP joint
    flexor pollicis brevis
  31. Thumb-Extension at all joints
    Extensor pollicis longus
  32. Thumb-Extionsion at MP joint
    Extensor pollicis brevis
  33. Thumb-Abduction
    abductor pollicis longus; brevis
  34. Thumb-Adduction
    adductor pollicis
  35. Thumb-Opposition of little finger
    opponens pollicis
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