Kazen Master Grammar 3.6

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  1. At, in

    Indicates the place where an action takes place

    • 夏休みの時、コンビニはたらきました。
    • During summer vacation, I worked at a convenience store.
  2. In, at, on, toward, to

    1. Indicates the location where someone or something exists

    2. Indicates the place where an action is directed or reaches

    • 公園小さい湖があります。
    • In the park there's a little lake.

    • 帰ったら、母に電話しました。
    • When I got home, I called my mother.
  3. Along, over, across

    A person or thing passes

    • かいだんりた。
    • I went down the stairs.
  4. Till, as far as, up to, until

    Indicates a limit (time, place, numeral)

    • 二十歳になるまでサンタクロースにしんじていた。
    • I believed in Santa Claus until I was 20 years old.
  5. By, by the time

    Indicates a time limit

    • 6時半までには帰ってきてね。
    • Come home by 6:30.
  6. As many, as much, long as

    Indicates emphasis
    Numeral + も

    その小さい車にピエロが20人も入っていた。 There were as many as 20 clowns in that small car.
  7. Only, no more than
    • Numeral/noun + しか
    • (used with a negative verb)

    • ヨーロッパに一回しか行ったことがありません。
    • I've only been to Europe once.
  8. For, in
    Numeral + で

    • 12年間でサンフランシスコに住んでいました。
    • I lived in San Francisco for 12 years.
  9. Any~
    • Interrogative + でも
    • (anywhere, anybody, anytime, etc.)

    • だれでもそれは読めます。
    • Anybody can read it.
  10. Some~, any~
    • Interrogative + か
    • (somebody, somewhere, sometime, somehow, etc.)

    • だれか助けて!
    • Someone please help!
  11. Even, or something
    Noun + でも

    • 酒でも飲もうよ。
    • Let's have a drink or something.

    • 子供でもこの仕事ができる。
    • Even children can do this work.
  12. And so on, among other things; such things as; or something like that
    • Noun + とか
    • (Used to give examples)

    • 飲み物とかカップとかナプキンは、いらない?
    • You don't need (things like) drink, cup, or napkin, etc.
  13. That
    Plain form + と

    • おばあちゃん、もうそろそろ着くと思うよ。
    • I think that my grandmother will arrive soon.
  14. Tell someone to do (something)
    • Dictionary form + ようにいう
    • ない-form + ようにいう

    • 医者は私に一週間ベッドに寝ているように言った
    • The doctor demanded I stay in bed for a week.
  15. B is called A
    A noun + という + B noun

    • 「桜」という曲、聞いたことあるの?
    • Have you ever heard the song called "Sakura"?
  16. Hear, smell, taste
    • がする
    • (used to describe a phenomenon that is perceivable by the senses)

    • そのコーヒーはいい匂いがする
    • That coffee smells good.
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