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  1. oxymoron
    a figure of speech combining apparently contradictory terms
  2. assess
    to estimate
  3. dilettante
    one who engages an art with only superficial skill; an amateur
  4. insouciant
    calm and untroubled; carefree; indifferent
  5. ductile
    easily shaped; capable of being persuaded easily
  6. proverbial
    well-known because widely repeated
  7. iconoclast
    one who attacks and seeks to destroy widely accepted ideas
  8. adhere
    to stick to
  9. enclave
    a country or other distinctly bounded area wholly
  10. euphemism
    the substitution of an agreeable word or phrase to replace one that might offend
  11. extenuate
    to lessen the seriousness of esp. by giving partial excuses
  12. excoriate
    to denounce sharply; to tear or wear the skin off
  13. disinterested
    free from bias
  14. imbroglio
    a confused misunderstanding or disagreement
  15. jocular
    characterized b joking
  16. penury
    lack of money, property, or necessities
  17. insurrection
    a rebellion
  18. gait
    manner of moving on foot;rate or manner of proceeding
  19. impromptu
    without preparation
  20. apotheosis
    the ideal example
  21. relent
    to become less severe; to give in
  22. mollify
    to soothe the temper; pacify; appease
  23. disaffected
    resentful and rebellious against authority
  24. deadpan
    showing no expression
  25. ire
  26. qualify
    to modify, limit, or restrict, as by giving exceptions
  27. best
    to defeat
  28. bona fide
  29. quitessence
    a pure substance or essence of something
  30. incarnate
    in human form and shape
  31. loath
    unwilling, reluctant
  32. forestall
    to prevent or delay beforehand
  33. diatribe
    prolonged and bitter speech or writing
  34. precarious
    dangerously insecure or unstable
  35. brood
    to be deep in thought
  36. linchpin
    a central element that holds other parts together
  37. eminent
    outstanding, distinguished, towering about others
  38. attenuate
    to make thin; to reduce in force
  39. perplex
    to confuse
  40. bequeath
    to pass down to; to hand down, esp. in a will
  41. nonplus
    to put at a loss what to do or think
  42. iniquity
    extreme immorality or injustive; wickedness
  43. nettle
    to bother; to irritate
  44. extol
    to praise highly and lavishly
  45. mordant
    bittingly sarcastic
  46. tautology
    needless repetition of an idea in different words
  47. cupidity
    strong desire for wealth; greed
  48. pedestrian
    done on foot; ordinary, commonplace
  49. appropriate
    to set apart for a specific use; to take possession of, often without permission
  50. synergy
    the interaction of two or more things where the combined effect is greater than the sum of the individual effects
  51. indolent
  52. juncture
    a point of time
  53. ponder
    to think over with great care
  54. legacy
    something passed down to a descendant
  55. terse
    without unncessary words; succinct
  56. latent
    present but hidden; dormant
  57. enigma
    a perpelxing puzzle
  58. consign
    to give to the care of another; to set apart
  59. sublime
    to include as part of a larger group
  60. indelible
    incapable of being removed or erased
  61. emphatic
    done or expressed with force
  62. ensconce
    to settle securely or sngly
  63. beget
    to produce; to father offspring
  64. importune
    to beg desperately and repeatedly
  65. burgeon
    to sprout or grow rapidly
  66. invidious
    tending to arouse hostility or resentment
  67. dichotomy
    division into two contradictory parts
  68. credulous
    tending to believe too easily
  69. factious
    causing idssension
  70. epicure
    one with refined tastes, esp. in food and wine
  71. immune
    not subject to an obligation imposed on others
  72. flout
    to intetionally and obviously disobey
  73. relinquish
    to surrender or release
  74. countenance
    appearance, esp. the expression of the face
  75. contravene
    to act counter to; violate
  76. gourmand
    a glutton
  77. espouse
    to give loyalty or support to
  78. plentitude
    fullness in quantity or degree
  79. odious
    arousing strong dislike or disgust
  80. deprecate
    to express disapproval of
  81. craven
  82. dilatory
    characterized by delay; tardy
  83. doldrums
    an area in the ocean of calm winds; a state of boredom or listlessness
  84. perfidious
    marked by extreme treachery
  85. untimely
    occurring at an unfortunate or premature time
  86. fraught
    full of a particular quality
  87. scenario
    an outline for a planned series of events
  88. feckless
  89. faux pas
    a social blunder
  90. edification
    intellectual or moral improvement
  91. hamper
    to keep from moving or acting freely
  92. genial
    cheerful; friendly
  93. obdurate
    not easily moved to pity or sympathy
  94. obviate
    to stop from occurring; to prevent or make unnecessary
  95. gainsay
    to deny; declare false
  96. lapse
    to decline from a previous level or standard; to come to an end
  97. codify
    to organize something into a system
  98. incisive
  99. erstwhile
  100. distraught
  101. appellation
    name; title
  102. meticulous
    extremely or excessively careful about details
  103. estrange
    to make hostile or indifferent
  104. eccentric
    unconventional; odd
  105. pallid
    faint in color; pale
  106. accolade
    an award or honor; a sign of great respect
  107. intransigent
    refusing to compromise or agree
  108. exposition
    a statement intended to give background information or to explain something difficult
  109. ineluctable
    unable to be avoided; inescapable
  110. manifesto
    a public declaration of principles, often political
  111. flabbergast
    to overcome with astonishment
  112. esoteric
    known by or confined to a small number of people
  113. omniscient
  114. effigy
    a representation of a person or group used to demonstrate hatred
  115. emblematic
  116. anomaly
    a departure from the regular pattern
  117. matriculate
    to admit or be admitted into a group
  118. comprise
    to include; to contain; to be composed of
  119. dissociate
    to break ties
  120. cachet
    a mark of distinction
  121. maul
    to injure; mangle
  122. fulsome
    disgusting because excessive or insincere; repulsive
  123. educe
    to draw out; elicit
  124. strident
    lound and shrill or grating
  125. adroit
    naturally skillful
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