SAT Vocabulary. Unit 1: Lesson 5

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  1. Rupt
  2. Mut
  3. Morph
    Form, shape
  4. Meta
    Change, beyond
  5. Immutable (adj.)
    Emily is an immutable vegetarian. no matter how hard we try, we cannot get her to eat meat.
    • Unchangeable (im- not + mut changeable)
    • Synonyms: permanent, inveterate
    • Antonyms: mutable, protean, vacillating, mercurial
  6. Metamorphosis (n.)
    The old house underwent a metamorphosis from a rundown shack into a beautiful cottage.
    • A transformation (meta- change + morph form)
    • Synonyms: transformation, mutation, transmogrification
  7. Rupture (v.)
    When the vat of smelly liquid ruptured, we picked up our feet to avoid getting the stuff on our shoes.
    • To break open (rupt- break)
    • Synonyms: burst, fissure, cleave
  8. Transmute (v.)
    Harry Potter was able to transmute a feather into a frog using a spell he learned in incantations class.
    • To transform (trans- across + mut change)
    • Synonyms: metamorphose, alter, transmogrify
  9. Amorphus (adj.)
    Rather than marching in precise formation, the battalion broke down into an aamorphous mass of chargings soldiers.
    • Lacking shape; changeable in form (a- without + morph shape)
    • Synonyms: shapeless, nebulous, vague, mondescript
    • Antonyms: crystaalline
  10. Mercurial (adj.)
    Molly is the most mercurial person in the office; we can never tell if she'll be the evil Molly or the sympathetic Molly.
    • Erratic; subject to wild changes in character (from the speedy god Mercury)
    • Synonyms: fickle, capricious, vacillating
    • Antonyms: immutable, stable
  11. Protean (adj.)
    He has changed his position on issues so many times that he is considered the most protean member of Congress.
    • Capable of assuming different forms (from the form-changing sea god Proteus)
    • Synonyms: polymorphous, labile
    • Antonyms: immutable, stable
  12. Mutate (v.)
    • To change form (mut- change)
    • Synonyms: transform, transmogrify
  13. Fickle (adj.)
    • Likely to change opinion unpredictably
    • Synonyms: capricious, vacillating, mercurial
  14. Fluctuate (v.)
    • To vary irregularly (flux flow)
    • Synonyms: vacillate, waver
  15. Vacillate (v.)
    • To change one's mind repeatedly
    • Synonyms: fluctuate, waver
  16. Revamp (v.)
    • To revise; to renovate (re- again)
    • Synonyms: refurbish, renovate
  17. Amend (v.)
    • To improve; to remove the faults of
    • Synonyms: rectify, redress, ameliorate, mitigate
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