Biochem Lecture 3

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  1. Peptide Bond
  2. N-Terminus
  3. C-Terminus
  4. Peptide Backbone
  5. Primary Structure
  6. Ramachandran Plot
  7. Secondary Structure
  8. Alpha-Helix
  9. Beta-Sheet
  10. Hydrophobic Core
    Describes the interior of the protein that consists primarily of hydrophobic residues
  11. Protein Folding
  12. Tertiary Structure
  13. Quaternary Structure
  14. Denatured State
  15. Native State
  16. Conformation
  17. Amphipathic Helix
  18. Long-Range Interactions
    Covalent (only disulfide bonds) or non-covalent interaction in a protein between two amino acids far apart in primary structure but close in tertiary structure
  19. Subunit
  20. Cooperative Folding/Unfolding
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