Ruby Keywords

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  1. BEGIN
    Code, enclosed in {and}, to run before the program runs.
  2. END
    Code enclosed in {and}, to run when the program ends.
  3. alias
    Creates and alias for an existing method, operator, or global variable.
  4. and
    Logical operator; same as && exept and has lowered precedence. Compare with ‘or’
  5. begin
    Begins a code block or group of statements; with ‘end’
  6. break
    Terminates a ‘while’ or ‘until’ loop or a method inside a block.
  7. case
    Compares an expression with a matching ‘when’ clause; closes with ‘end’ see ‘when’
  8. ==
    Compares two values.
  9. !=
    Not equal.
  10. =
    Assigns value to a variable name. ie name = Chad Jemmett
  11. $
    • A global variable.
    • When this precedes a word, it means the word is a global variable.
  12. Modules
    • A way of grouping together methods, classes and constants. Modules give you 2 major benefits
    • They provide a namespace and prevent name clashes
    • The implement the mixin facility.
  13. Loops
    Used to execute the same block of code for a specified number of times.
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