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  1. define the supernatural dimension
    the power that exceeds the capacity of human nature and reality. this dimension exceeds the ordinary limits of human existence.
    the focus on belief beyond human limitations. to transend means to climb over which often relates to Gods as a creator seperated to this world. eg chrisianity Islam and Judaism
  3. define immanent dimension
    the focus on the presences of God/Gods or a spiritual force within the human world. eg buddhism and hinduism
  4. define the characteristics of religion
    • Beliefs and believers sustain all religions eg the central belief of christanity Jesus is the son of God
    • Sacred text and writings at the centre of all religions either oral or writen text or other stories eg the dreaming the stories of aboriginal beliefs
    • Ethics can be understood as the explicit philosophical/ religious reflection on moral beliefs within a tradition
    • Rituals and Ceremonies are systems of actions and beliefs that each have a beginning middle and end
  5. describe the dreaming
    the dreaming is the centre of Aborginal religion and life, it is the concept of how the world works in the yes of Aboriginals. Dreaming is the past present and future.
  6. explain how ancestral beings are responsible for the creation of the earth
    ansectral beings are responsible for the creation of the earth as told through the Dreaming. the Ansectral Beings were either in human or animal form travelling around the earth creating the physical features of the enviroment as well as humans and animals
  7. dicuss the importance of the Dreaming to Aborginal people
    the dreaming is the way in which aboriginal people explain the occurrence of all things it is the past persent and future. the dreamings explain the way the Ancestral being created the earth. the dreaming stories explain the way rituals and tradition are done and how they happened.
  8. discuss the principal beliefs of christianity
    • The divinity and humanity of Jesus Christ
    • The life, death , resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ
    • The nature of God and the Trinity
    • Revelation
    • Salvation
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