SAT Vocabulary. Unit 1: Lesson 4

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  1. Ben, bene, ban
  2. Grat
    To please, thank
  3. Eu
  4. Vole
  5. Benefactor (n.)
    Mr. King is the benefactor who generously donated the money for the new children's wing in the hospital.
    • One who supports or helps another (bene- good + fact to make)
    • Synonyms: philanthropist, patron
    • Antonyms: malefactor, nemesis, antagonist, adversary
  6. Benign (adj.)
    She was relieved to find out that her tumor was benign.
    • Harmless (ben good)
    • Synonyms: innocuous
    • Antonyms: malignant, virulent
  7. Benevolent (adj.)
    The benevolent Cuv Scout did his good deed for the day when he helped a motorist change a tire.
    • Kind; considerate (bene- good + vole wish)
    • Synonyms: grscious, altruistic, magnanimous
    • Antonyms: malevolent, malicious, inimical, pernicious
  8. Benediction (n.)
    At th reception, the father of the bride offered a benediction, wishing the couple never-ending love and happiness.
    • An expression of good wishes (bene- good + dictuc declaration)
    • Synonyms: blessing, sanction
    • Antonyms: curse, malediction, execration
  9. Euphemism (n.)
    A good journalist avoids the eupemisms of war, like "ordnance" for bombs and "collateral damage" for casualties.
    The substitution of an inoffensive term for an offensive one (eu- good + pheme speech)
  10. Eulogy (n.)
    His touching eulogy for his fallen friend left all the mourners weeping.
    • A praising tribute (eu- good + logia discourse) although associated with funerals, it has a positive tone.
    • Synonyms: encomium, laudation, extolment, paean
    • Antonyms: denunciation, execration, censure
  11. Ingratiate (v.)
    When starting at a new school, Mary sought to ingratiate herself with her classmates by being excessively nice.
    • To put oneself in good favor with another (in- in + grat to please)
    • Synonyms: flatter, wheedle, toady, cajole
  12. Beneficiary (n.)
    • One who receives benefits (bene- good + fic to make)
    • Synonyms: heir, recipient, legatee
  13. Gratuity (n.)
    Don't confuse with gratuitous (adj.) unnecessary
    A small payment in gratitude (grat- thank)
  14. Gratis (adj.)
    He let me borrow his car gratis.
    Free of charge (grat- thank)
  15. Gratify (v.)
    • To please (grat- please)
    • Synonyms: appease, mollify, indulge
  16. Euphoria (n.)
    • A feeling of extreme happiness (eu- good)
    • Synonyms: elation, rapture, jubilation, ecstasy
  17. Euphonious (n.)
    • Sweet sounding (eu- good + phon sound)
    • Synonyms: mellifluous, dulcet, lyrical
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