Geometry Angle Terms

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  1. Midpoint
    A line segment is the point halfway between the endpoint of a segment.
  2. Ray
    • -A part of a line
    • -Only has 1 endpoint
    • -Extends indefinitely in one direction.
  3. Opposite Rays
    Two rays going in opposite directions.
  4. Angles
    • -Formed by 2 noncollinear rays
    • -2 rays = sides
  5. Congruent Angles
    • -Angles that have the same measure.
    • -Arcs on the figures indicate which are congruent.
  6. Bisector
    A ray that divides an angle into 2 congruent angles.
  7. Adjacent Angle
    2 angles that lie in the same plane, have a common vertex, and a common side but does not share any interior points.
  8. Verticle Angles
    2 angles that are not adjecent and are formend when 2 lines intersect (cross).
  9. Linear Pair
    A pair of adjacent angles whose nocommon sides are opposite

    *A linear pair will always sum up to 180°.
  10. Complementary
    Any 2 angles
  11. Supplementary Angles
    2 angles whose measure adds up to 180°.
  12. Perpendicular Angle
    Lines that intersect to form right angles.
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