SAT Vocabulary. Unit 1: Lesson 3

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  1. Locu, loqu
  2. Verb
  3. Circum
  4. E-, ex-
  5. Eloquent (adj.)
    She is an eloquent spokeswomen for animal rights; she conveys her ideas with great ease and in fluidity.
    • Well spoken (e- out + loqu talk)
    • Synonyms: articulate, fluent
    • Antonym: inarticulate
  6. Loquacious (adj.)
    That guy never stops talking: I understand why they call him "Loquacious Larry"!
    • Very talkative (loqu- talk + -ious full of)
    • Synonyms: garrulous, voluble
    • Antonyms: laconic, taciturn, reticent
  7. Circumlocution (n.)
    The politician had perfected the art of circumlocution; he knew exactly how to avoid answering direct questions.
    • Evasive speech; talking around the subject (circum- around + loqu talk)
    • Synonym: evasion
  8. Colloquial (adj.)
    I like Professor Thompson because she is so colloquial; yesterday she said my thesis idea was "really cool."
    Conversational; using everyday language (co- together + loqu talk)
  9. Grandiloquent (adj.)
    His speech was pompous and grandiloquent; it seemed he was just trying to use as many big words as possible.
    • Speaking in a pompous manner (grand- greast + loqu talk + -ent adjective)
    • Synonyms: pontifical, portentous
  10. Elocution (n.)
    James id adept at elocution; his expressions and mannerisms add a new level of meaning to his words.
    Expressive delivery of public speech (e- out + loqu talk + -tion noun)
  11. Garrulous (adj.)
    Kari is always ready to talk about any subject, no matter how trivial, but at parties he is even more garrulous.
    • Talkative
    • Synonyms: loquacious, voluble
  12. Pontificate (v.)
    • To speak pompously ( pontifex high priest)
    • Synonyms: declaim, sermonize, dogmatize
  13. Verbose (adj.)
    • Wordy (verb- word + -ose full of)
    • Synonyms: prolix, discursive, digressive
  14. Verbatim ( adv.)
    I followed the recipe verbatim.
    Word for word (verb- word)
  15. Ineffable (adj.)
    Try as he might to express his love in a poem, his feelings seemed ineffable.
    Unable to be expressed in words (in- not + effari utter)
  16. Tangential (adj.)
    • Only superficially relevant; off-topic
    • Synonyms: irrelevant, incidental, immaterial
  17. Tout (v.)
    • To promote or praise energetically
    • Synonyms: acclaim, herald, laud
  18. Anecdote (n.)
    Don't confuse with antidote (n), a remedy.
    A short and often humorous story
  19. Discirsive (adj.)
    • Straying from the topic (dis- away + curs course)
    • Synonyms: digressive, desultory
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