Physics - Chapter 1

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  1. Mechanics
    motion and its causes, interaction between objects
  2. Thermodynamics
    heat and temperature
  3. Optics
  4. Electromagnetisim
    electricy, magnetism, and light
  5. Relativity
    particles moving at any speed, including very high speeds
  6. Quantum Mechanics
    behavior of submicroscopic particles
  7. Models
    tools used to describe characteristics of physics
  8. System
    a set of particles or interacting components considered to be a distinct physical entity for the purpose of study
  9. Dimension
    the kind of physical quantity being measured (i.e. length, mass, and time)
  10. Accuracy
    how close a measurement is to the correct or accepted value of the quantity measured
  11. Percision
    the degree of exactness of a measurement
  12. Instrument Error
    error caused from the state of the measuring tools
  13. Significant Figures
    those digits in a measurement that are known with certainty plus the first digit that is uncertain
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