anatomy 4

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  1. tissue def
    when several cells come together to do a specific job or function
  2. 4 major tissues
    • epithelial
    • connective
    • muscle
    • nervous
  3. Squamous
    • epithelial cell
    • flat, scale like, flat nulceus
  4. cubodial
    • epithelial cell
    • square or round, roundish nucleus
  5. columnar
    • epithelial cell
    • tall, slender, oval nucleus
  6. simple
    single flat sheet
  7. stratified
    many sheets, stacked on each other
  8. pseudostatified
    looks like many layers but is really only one
  9. Simple squamous epithelium
    • thinnest tissue
    • lines air sacks in lungs for good gas exchange and also in capilaries
  10. simple cubodial epithelium
    • specialized for secretion and lining ducts
    • found in glands
  11. simple columnar epithelium
    • specialized for absorption n secretion
    • sometimes posess cilia. digestive system
  12. stratified squamous epithelium
    • many layers of stacked flat cells
    • found in skin and espophagus
  13. pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium
    • lines the airways.
    • secretes mucous onto the tissue surface
  14. transitional epithelium
    stretches, found in the urinary bladder and ureters
  15. connective tissue
    • blood and bone
    • have cells, contain network of reienforcing fibers. In matrix
  16. 3 types of fiber in connective tissue
    collagen, elastic, reticular
  17. collagen
    primary quality is strength
  18. elastic
    stretch then snap back into place
  19. reticular
    net like, catch and hold cells in place
  20. matrix
    what cells and fibers live in
  21. solid matrix
    gel like protien hardened by minerals and is therefore ridid
  22. semisolid matrix
    reasonably flexible or malleable
  23. liquid matrix
    protiens are disolved in water.
  24. loose areolar connective tissue
    loosly connect organs to each other.
  25. Muscle tissue
    skeletal, cardiac, smooth
  26. skeletal
    • long and thin.
    • mani nuclei
    • the cytoskeleton (actin and myosin filaments), bundles of striated, voluntary
    • function: to move the skeleton
  27. cardiac
    • cells are branched, one nucleus, striated
    • involuntary special connections called intercalated discs.
    • only in the heart
  28. smooth
    • slender and pointed (spindle-shaped)
    • involuntary found in organs.
  29. Nevous tissue
    • major cell type is the neuron
    • responsible for generating and interpreting messages.
  30. neuroglia
    • support cell for neurons
    • can divide
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