American History Chp. 11 Section 3 review

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  1. ________ was introduced to help offset the cost of the Civil War.
    Income tax
  2. What did the Homestead Act do?
    • -Newly gained public lands
    • -Made western lands avaiable at a very low cast
  3. Who were drafted to war?
    Mostly immigrants and those who had low paying jobs.
  4. What could you do to not get drafted in war?
    Pay 300$ for replacement.
  5. What did the New York draft prove?
    Proof of disapproval over the draft.
  6. What was the biggest source of wartime funds?
    Gonvernment Bonds.
  7. What are copperheads?
    People who opposed Lincoln's direction in the war and demanding to end the fighting.
  8. What was the most pressing economic threat of the war in the South?
    Union Blockade
  9. The Union Blocked off ____ of southern war supplies.
  10. What caused southern riots during the civil war?
    • -The government's promise to pay system
    • -People didn't trust the system
    • -The shortage of food in the south.
  11. How come many soldiers died after been treated?
    • -Result from amputations
    • -Lack of sanitation
  12. Where was the Southern prison camp in Georgia located?
    Andersonville, Georgia
  13. Where was the Union prison camp located at?
    Elmira, New York
  14. What did the working women do?
    • -Took over their Family business
    • -Took jobs that always been male dominate.
    • -Some were spies and guides
    • -Were healthcare providers
  15. Who was a famous women to contribute to the war?
    Clara Barton
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