Biology chapter one hearts

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  1. what are the 7 characterictics of life?
    has at least one cell

    • -order and complexity
    • -evolutionary adaptation
    • -responsiveness
    • -homeostasis/regulation
    • -energy use
    • -growth and development
    • -reproduction
  2. give 2 examples of order and complexity
    • -such as DNA molecules
    • -such as body organs and parts for body
  3. what is evolutionary adaptation?
    has the ability to mutate and adapt better behavior
  4. what is reponsiveness?
    -reacts to outside environment
  5. what is homeostasis and what is 1 example?
    -also known as regulation. an organism that maintains a fairly constant internal environment

    -such as ability to maintain a ody temperature(sweating,shivering)
  6. What is energy use and what are 2 examples?
    -having a need of energy

    • -such as eating
    • -such as photosynthesis
  7. what is an example of growth and development and do all living organisms attain it?

    - such as the process of turning from a tadpole to a frog
  8. what is reproduction and what are 4 examples of it?
    -ability to replicate yourself in some way

    • -such as bacteria
    • -such ad plants
    • -such as bugs
    • -such as humans
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