5 biology chapter one hearts

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  1. what is matter and the 2 things it must have?
    -anything in the universe

    • -must have mass
    • -must occupy space
  2. what are the 3 phases of matter?
    • -solid
    • -liquid
    • -gas
  3. what are 4 examples of elements?
    • -hydrogen (reactive, burns and explodes readily, very light)
    • - helium (more stable than hydrogen, very light)
    • -such as gold (very heavy, solid at room temperature, no radioactive, easy to form, nontoxic)
    • -uranium (orange, heavy massive, pieces can go through cells, releases energy well)
  4. what are the top 4 elements for life?
    • -hydrogen (elemental...not gas)
    • -oxygen
    • -nitrogen
    • -carbon
  5. what are an atoms subparticles?
    • -proton
    • -neutron
    • -electron
  6. the atomic number is also the number of ____
    protons in the nucleus

    -determines the type of element
  7. what is a molecule?
    2 or more atoms bonded together
  8. what is a compound?
    has 2 or more elements in it
  9. what is the electron energy level pattern?
    2, 8, 8, 8.....
  10. if the outermost shell is ___ or ___ it it created maximim stability
    empty, full
  11. what is a valence electron and what does it do?
    • -the most outermost electrons
    • -creats stability and ability to bond with other atoms
  12. What are the 3 types of chemical bobds?
    • -covalent bonds
    • -ionic bonds
    • -hydrogen bonds
  13. what are 3 characteristics of a covalent bond and 1 example?
    • -strongest bond
    • -abundent in cells in body
    • -formed by electron sharing

    -such as hydrogen atoms
  14. what are 2 characteristics of ionic bonding?
    • -slightly weaker than covalent bonding
    • -uses electron transfer
  15. what are 2 characteristics of hydrogen bondingt?
    • -very electronegative
    • -the weakest of all bonds
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