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  1. abberation
    something not typical; a deviation from the standard
  2. abnegate
    to deny oneself things; to reject; to renounce
  3. acute
  4. admonish
    to scold gently; to warn
  5. adulation
    wild or excessive admiration; flattery
  6. adulterate
    to contaminate; to make impure
  7. adverse
    unfavorable; antagonistic
  8. affectation
    "unnatural or artficial behavior
  9. ambivalent
    undecided; having opposed feelings simultaneously
  10. anachronism
    something out of place in time or history; an incongruity
  11. antipathy
    firm dislike; a dislike
  12. aphorism
    "a brief
  13. apocryphal
    of dubious authenticity; fictitios; spurious
  14. approbation
    approval; praise
  15. appropriate
    to take without permission; to set aside for a particular use
  16. artful
    crafty; wily; sly
  17. artifice
    a clever trick; cunning
  18. ascendancy
    supremacy; domination
  19. assuage
    to soothe; to pacify; to ease the pain of; to relieve
  20. augment
    to make bigger; to add to; to increase
  21. auspicious
    favorable; promising; poitning to a good result
  22. austere
    unadorned; stern; forbidding; without excess
  23. bane
    poison; torment; cause of harm
  24. baseness
    unworthiness by virtue of lacking higher values.
  25. bastion
    stronghold; fortress; fortified place
  26. beleaguer
    to surround; to besiege; to harass
  27. belligerent
    combative; quarrelsome; waging war
  28. beset
    to harass; to surround
  29. blatant
    unpleasantly or offensively noisy; glaring
  30. bourgeois
    "middle class
  31. burgeon
    to expand; to flourish
  32. burlesque
    "a ludicrous
  33. capitulate
    "capi ""too late"" to surrender; to give up or give in"
  34. capricious
    unpredictable; likely to change at any moment
  35. castigate
    to criticize severely; to chastise
  36. categorical
    unconditional; absolute
  37. catharsis
    purification that brings emotional relief or renewal
  38. censure
    to condemn severely for doing something bad
  39. chimera
    an illusion; a foolish fancy
  40. choleric
    hot-tempered; quick to anger
  41. circumvent
    to frustrate as though by surrounding
  42. clemency
    forgiveness; mercy; mildness
  43. coalesce
    to come together as one; to fuse; to unite
  44. coerce
    to force someone to do ro not do something
  45. cogent
    powerfully convincing
  46. collusion
    conspiracy; secret cooperation
  47. compelling
    forceful; causing to yield
  48. complicity
    participation in wrongdoing
  49. concord
    harmony; agreement
  50. condone
    to overlook; to permit to happen
  51. confluence
    a flowing together; especially fo rivers; the place wehre they begin to flow together
  52. conjecture
    to guess; to deduce or infer on slight evidence
  53. consonant
    harmonious; in agreement
  54. consummate
    perfect; complete; supremely skillful
  55. contentious
    argumentative; quarrelsome
  56. contrite
    admitting guilt; especially feeling remorseful
  57. contrived
    artificial; labored
  58. corollary
    something that follows; a natural consequence
  59. corroborate
    to confirm; to back up with evidence
  60. covenant
    a solemn agreement; a contract; a pledge
  61. credulous
    eager to believe; gullible
  62. cursory
    hasty; superficial
  63. dearth
    lack; scarcity
  64. debacle
    violent breakdown; sudden overthrow; overwhelming defeat
  65. debauchery
    wild living; excessive intemperance
  66. decadent
    "decaying or decayed
  67. decorous
    proper; in good taste; orderly
  68. deference
    submission to another's will; respect; courtesy
  69. degenerate
    to break down; to deteriorate
  70. deletrious
  71. delineate
    to describe accurately; to draw in outline
  72. delude
    to deceive
  73. demagogue
    "a leader of the peope
  74. denizen
  75. depravity
    extreme wickedness or corruption
  76. deprecate
    express disapproval of
  77. deride
    to ridicule; to laugh at contemptuously
  78. despondent
    extremely depressed; full of despair
  79. dessicate
    to dry out
  80. destitute
    extremely poor; utterly lacking
  81. desultory
    without plan or purpose; disconnected; random
  82. dictum
    an authoritative saying; an adage; a maxim; a proverb
  83. didactic
    intended to teach; morally instructive; pedantic
  84. diffident
    timid; lacking in self-confidence
  85. dilettante
    someone with superficial knowledge of the arts; an amateur; a dabbler
  86. discern
    to have insight; to see thigns clearly; to discriminate; to differentiate
  87. discreet
    prudent; judiciously reserved;
  88. discrete
    unconnected; separate; distinct; The twins were identical but their personalities were discrete
  89. disinterested
    not taking sides; unbiased; a referee should be disinterested
  90. disparage
    to belittle; to say uncomplimentary things about. Ususally in a somewhat indirect way
  91. disparate
    different; incomparable; unequal
  92. disseminate
    to spread the seeds of something; to scatter; to make widely known
  93. dissolution
    the breaking up or dissolving of something into parts; disintegration
  94. distend
    to swell; to extend a great deal
  95. doctrinaire
    inflexibly committed to doctrine or theory without regard to its practicality; dogmatic; a doctrinaire supporter of manned space flights to Pluto would be someone who supportd suchspace flights even though ti migh be shown tha such lengthy journeys could never be undertaken
  96. dogmatic
    arrogantly assertive fou nproven ideas; stubbornly claiming that something (often a system of beliefs) is beyond dispute
  97. duplicity
    the act of being two faced; double-dealing; deception
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