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  1. ebullient
    boiling; bubbling with excitement; exuberant; Cammie was ebullient when her fairy codmother said she could use one of her three wishes for more wishes
  2. edify
    "to enlighten; to instruct
  3. efface
    to erase; to rub away the features of; the inscription on the tombstone had been effaced by centuries of weather
  4. effusion
    a pouring forth
  5. effusive
    highly emotional
  6. egalitarian
    believing in the social and economic equality of all people
  7. elliptical
    oval; missing a word or words; obscure; the announcement was elliptical-the government didn�t want the reporters to know what was going on
  8. eminent
    well-known and respected; standing out from all others in quality or accomlishment; outstanding
  9. empirical
    relying on experience or observation; not merely theoretical
  10. emulate
    to strive to equal or excel ususally through imitatino
  11. encroach
    to make gradual or stealthy infroads into; to trespass
  12. endemic
    native; restricted to a particular region or era; indigenous; that tree is endemic to our part of the country
  13. enervate
    to reduce the strength or energy of. Especially to do so gradually; sander felt enervated by his long ordeal and couldn�t make himself get out of bed. Life seemed to enervate the old man
  14. enfranchise
    to grant the privileges of citizenship. Especially the right to vote
  15. engender
    to bring into existence; to create; to cause; the bitter lieutenant engendered discontent among his troops
  16. enigma
    a mystery
  17. enormity
    extremely evil; a hideous offense; immensity; hitler's soldiers stormed through the village committing one enormity after another
  18. ephemeral
    lasting a very short time
  19. epigram
    a prief and usually witty or satirical saying
  20. equanimity
    composure; calm
  21. equitable
    fair; king solomon's decision was equitable; each mother would receive half the child
  22. equivocal
    ambiguous; intentionally confusing; capable of being niterpreted in more than one way
  23. erudite
  24. esoteric
    hard to understand; understood by only a select few; peculiar
  25. espouse
    to support; to advocate
  26. ethereal
    heavenly; as light and insubstantial as a gas or ether
  27. euphemism
    a pleasant or inoffensive expression used in place of an unpleasant or offensive one
  28. evansecent
    fleeting; vanishing; happening for only the briefest period
  29. exacting
    extremely demanding; difficult; requiring great skill or care
  30. exalt
    to raise high; to glorify
  31. exhort
    to urge strongly; to give a serious warning to
  32. exigency
    an emergency; an urgency
  33. exigent
    pressing; demanding
  34. exonerate
    to free completely from blame; to exculpate
  35. expedient
    providing an immediate advantage; serving one's immediate self interest; practical
  36. explicit
    clearly and directly expressed
  37. extol
    to praise highly; to laud
  38. extraneous
    unnecessary; irrelevant; extra
  39. extricate
    to free from difficulty; it took 2 days to extricate the little girl from the abandoned well into which she had fallen
  40. exult
    to rejoice; to celelbrate
  41. facetious
    humorous; not serious; clumsily humorous
  42. facile
    fluent; skillful in a superficialb way; easy; to say that a writer's style is facile is to say both that it is ksillfull and that it would be better if the writer exerted himself or herself more
  43. farcical
    absurd; ludicrous
  44. fastidious
    meticulous; demanding; finicky
  45. fatalist
    someone who believes future events are already determined and that umans are powerless to change them
  46. fatuous
    foolish; silly; idiotic
  47. fecund
    fertile; productive
  48. fetter
    to restrain; to hamper; remember unfettered means uninhibited
  49. fidelity
    faithfulness; loyalty
  50. flout
    disregard something out of disrespect
  51. foible
    minor character flaw
  52. foment
    to stir up; to instigate
  53. forbear
    to refrain from; to abstain
  54. forsake
    to abnadon; to renounce; to relinquish
  55. frenetic
    frantic; frenzied
  56. furtive
    secretive; shy
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