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  1. Wheel of the Year
    everything moves and operates within cycles
  2. Maiden
    new energies
  3. Mother
    nurturing and generative energies/experiences
  4. Crone
    contemplation and reflection
  5. Book of Shadows
    foundation and the roots of tradition
  6. The Rede
    ethics and integrity
  7. Law of Three
    actions and words create Energy
  8. As Above, So Below
    concept of mirroring life is reflection of beliefs, thoughts words and deeds
  9. Eight Fold Path
    self-discipline and personal commitment
  10. Words of the Magus
    completion and achievement, card of mastery and teachers
  11. Hearth
    sense of home, family, and place in the community
  12. Handfasting
    mating, partnership, union, incorporation, and integration
  13. Broom
    rising above our limited vision and Perception
  14. The Key
    tools are available to you, understanding to become opener of the ways
  15. The Moon
    unseen forces and things that are Veiled
  16. The Crescent-Crowned Goddess
    Divine feminine expression the whole vs. the parts
  17. The Sun
    vitality, growth cycles, renewal, healing and fertility
  18. The Stag-Horned God
    Divine expression of masculine energy the parts vs. the whole
  19. The Altar
    meeting point between the divine and us the center of alignment
  20. Pentacle
    • stability and foundation,
    • Manifestation
  21. Wand
    communication on all levels
  22. Athame
    change and transformation, carve out your own world
  23. Chalice
    receptivity and mutability
  24. Harvest
    the fruits of one's labors
  25. Cakes and Wine
    spiritual nourishment, balance between male and female energy
  26. The Old Ones
    rootedness, examine the foundation of your beliefs
  27. Greenman
    prosperity, growth, and Abundance
  28. Voice of the Wind
    a higher calling, spirit Voices
  29. Familiar Spirit
    a middle connection, a mediator, the meeting point
  30. Cauldron
    potential, and the generative/regenerative forces, birthing
  31. Pentagram
    creativity and manifestation, create in accord with mind, body and spirit
  32. Earth
    process of manifestation, actions needed to achieve goals
  33. Air
    process of transmitting and expanding, actions required to establish ideas
  34. Fire
    process of transformation, actions required for true change
  35. Water
    process of movement and flow, actions required to move and direct
  36. Ancestral Spirit
    the value of one's experiences and the legacy that is passed from one generation to the next
  37. Initiation
    challenges that lead to wider perspectives and opportunities
  38. The Crossroads
    choices, new opportunities that come through change and transformation
  39. Summerland
    change is going to happen and it is not optional, transition
  40. Reincarnation
    renewal or return, enlightenment from trials experienced
  41. Sacred Bough
    quest, journey, chosen path, course of action
  42. Oak, Ash, Thorn
    guarded, secret, hidden, need special action or attitudes
  43. Faery Door
    entry, passageway, opportunity, obstacles removed
  44. Between The Worlds
    visualization, imagination, transmission, needs clarity and focus
  45. The Kindred
    allies, guides, co-workers, you have support, time to call for aid
  46. Otherworld
    transition, journey, crossing, time to move on
  47. Oak King
    gain, growth, increase, from a person or situation
  48. Holly King
    decline, loss, dissipation, release, from a person or situation
  49. Sacred Sight/Site
    focus, direction, alignment, narrow your vision
  50. Priestess and Priest
    mentorship, alliance, guidance, do not rely totally on self
  51. Drawing Down The Moon
    higher vision, expanded perspective, be open and rise above
  52. Great Rite
    perfect union, soul mates, divine match, a whole greater than the parts
  53. Tree in Winter
    endurance, preservation, Stability
  54. Yule/Winter Solstice
    rebirth, renewal, Restoration
  55. Imbolc
    purification, preparation, Anticipation
  56. Tree in Spring
    renewal, re-growth, return
  57. Ostara/Spring Equinox
    planning, plowing, Planting
  58. Beltane
    fertility, union, bonding
  59. Tree in Summer
    fulfillment, contentment, Assurance
  60. Litha/Summer Solstice
    fullness, unity, Harmony
  61. Lughnasadh
    anticipation, receptivity, Outcome
  62. Tree In Fall
    decline, shedding, release
  63. Mabon/Autumn Equinox
    harvest, completion, fulfill, celebrate
  64. Samhain
    veiled, indistinct, shadowy, ancestral connections, occult forces
  65. Triformis
    complexity, depth, expansion, other aspects at play
  66. Chthonic Roots
    traverse, trepidation, sixth sense, trust your intuition
  67. Astral Body
    discernment, insight, perception, new way is needed
  68. The Fates
    fortune, grand design, destiny
  69. Karma
    recompense, response, contagion, accept responsibility and do what is right
  70. The Watchers
    observation, witness, reveal, guidance available
  71. Art of Magic
    interaction, emersion, mastery, draw upon your resources
  72. Centers of Power
    skill, confidence, experience , awakening and self-empowerment
  73. Elder Staff
    teacher, emissary, director, need to move on for a greater good
  74. Sacred Grotto
    gateway, inner vision, mystical vision, a closing or a return
  75. Three Great Realms
    expansive, encompassing, elaborate, more depth to situation
  76. Three Great Mysteries
    cycles, exploration, culmination, life passage
  77. Charge of the Goddess
    inner truth, introspection, revelation, trust inner self
  78. Mortar and Pestle
    integration, incorporation, merging, refinement
  79. Perfect Love and Perfect Trust
    trust, loyalty, fidelity, common goal
  80. Oath
    truth, trust, integrity keep your word, be true to self
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