Networking and Services

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  1. Is a system that permits networked applications running on different hosts to work together.
  2. Are applications that require networks to work
    Network Applications
  3. "FTP"
    File Transfer Protocol
  4. Web applications in which an information provider created the content.
    Web 1.0
  5. Users provide the content in these applications
    Web 2.0
  6. Are designed to facilitate group relationships. (included in web 2.0 applications)
    Social Media Applications
  7. Applications run on devices called _____
    -any device connected to a network
  8. What is neccessary for two host computers to connect to each other over a network.
    An address
  9. Central part of the network
    Network Core
  10. Users connect to networks through______.
    -the _____ are connected through either copper wire, optical fiber, or radio transmission
    Access Links
  11. Where is all applications processing done?
    On the Host
  12. users used this in the early years of networking. it only had enough intelligence to communicate with the central host and to show characters on the screen
    Dumb Terminal
  13. In it's original sense, a large central computer serving many terminal users.
  14. A server program on a server host provides services to a client program on a client host.
    Client/Server Processing
  15. 'HTTP'
    Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
  16. provides service to your browser by sending you the webpages you request
    Webserver Applications
  17. 1. The client sends a request message to the server
    2. Server sends back response
    Request-Response Cycle
  18. Client hosts provided service directly to other client hosts
    Peer-2-Peer Applications
  19. Servers for internal corporate applications are managed by an outside company.
    Cloud Computing
  20. Network speeds are measured by this
    bps (bits per second)
  21. 1,000 bps
    Kbps (kilobits per second)
  22. 1 Billion bps
    Gigabits per second (Gbps)
  23. 1 Trillion bps
    Terabits per second (Tbps)
  24. 1 Million bps
    Megabits per second (Mbps)
  25. Gives you a reserved capacity all the way between you and the other party
  26. When data transmission is _____, it means that there are _____ of traffic separated by long silences. This is very wasteful if you are using reserved-capacity-circuits.
  27. _____ is economical for voice (telephone) data, but not for bursty data
    Circuit Switchings Guaranteed Capacity
  28. 1. They can provide much faster speeds than telephone modem service
    2. Are always-on-connections
    3. is very expensive
    Leased Line Circuit
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