CJS 110.1

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  1. what is a crime?
    wrong committed against society punished by society and prosecuted by a public official
  2. what is a consensus model?
    a model that shows how the elected officails decide what our code of conduct should be
  3. what must change in order for the consensus model to change as well?
    moral values
  4. what is the conflict model?
    shows how punishment is determined by group in power
  5. examples of conflict model?
    • Bush won off of the conservative republican party
    • outlook on drugs
    • domestic violence
    • driving laws
    • death penalty
  6. List the three goals of criminal justice
    • 1. to maintain justice
    • 2. to prevent crimes
    • 3. to stop crime
  7. list the 6 types of crimes
    • 1. cyber crime
    • 2. property crime
    • 3. public order crime
    • 4. white collar crime
    • 5. violent crime
    • 6. organized crime
  8. describe cyber crime and provide an example
    crime done online, most dangerous and difficult because the only limit these criminals have are their imaginations

    ex.- identity theft, hackers, etc.
  9. describe property crime and provide an example
    stealing for one's own gain or to vandalize another's property

    ex. stealing or smashing mailboxes
  10. describe violent crime and provide an example
    a crime committed in which there has been a harmful event

    ex. rape, murder, aggravated assault
  11. describe organized crime and provide an example
    crime such as gangs that start on a street level where crimes are committed through force or violence

    ex. counterfeit money, check fraud, etc
  12. describe white collar crime and provide an example
    crime that is committed in the office for one's own personal gain

    ex. embezzlement, stealing paper/pens, etc
  13. describe public order crime with an example
    a crime in which the only victim is the criminal themselves

    ex. prostitution, drinking, drugs, gambling, etc
  14. describe our criminal justice system
    innocent until proven guilty
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