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  1. 4 diagnosis techniques
    • Inspect
    • Palpate
    • Percuss
    • Auscultate
  2. 5 techniques of heart & lungs
    • Inspection
    • palpation
    • percussion
    • auscultation
    • specials
  3. 6 techniques of extremities
    • Inspect
    • Palpate
    • Range of motion
    • vascular
    • neurologic
    • special
  4. Artery occluded for pulse at wrist?
    Radial A
  5. Artery occluded for BP cuff?
    Brachial A (medial arm)
  6. Artery occluded for pulse at neck?
    Common Carotid A
  7. What is pulse pressure?
    Difference between systolic (top) and diastolic (bottom) pressure
  8. Where should the arm be placed for a correct BP?
    At level of heart
  9. What % of arm should the bladder be on the BP cuff?
  10. What mmHg should you increase if you are having trouble finding where to start with BP?
    30mmHg above systolic pressure
  11. What should be done with an abnormal BP finding?
    • 1) have another doctor's opinion
    • 2) wait 15-30 minutes and try again

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physical diagnosis L1

physical diagnosis L1
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