Antianginal and Antihypertensive Drugs

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  1. Nitroglycerine
    • Taken under the tongue to avoid 1st pass effect
    • Relieves tightness in chest
    • Causes dilitation of smooth muscle
  2. Steps for Vascular smooth muscle constriction
    Increase Nitrates>Nitrites>Nitric oxide>GMP>Myosin light chain
  3. Treatment of Hypertension
    • Block renin/angiotensin system
    • Increase sympathetic tone>Beta blockers reversed
  4. Thiazide
    • Diuretic used to lower BP
    • Removes Na from arteries and as a result lowers blood volume
    • Preferred drug to treat hypertension
  5. Beta-Adrenoceptor Blockers
    • Block B receptor
    • Decreases Renin production
  6. ACE
    • Breaks down bradykinin
    • Bradykinin causes dry cough as a side effect
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