Sign Language Chapter 2

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  1. Room
    R shape both hands, tips out. Turn right R left and left R to form box shape.
  2. Floor
    B shape both hands, palms down, tips out, index fingers touching. Move apart.
  3. Wall
    W shape both hands, palms in, held close together. Move hands apart then back, outlining shape of wall.
  4. Window
    Open B both hands, palms in, tips opposite. Place right little finger on left index. Move up then down.
  5. Door
    B shape both hands, palms out slightly, tips a little up. Place index fingers together then turn RH to the right, ending with palm up. Return to starting position.
  6. Stair
    Five shape LH palm down, tips out. "Walk" over back of left fingers with right middle and index fingers.
  7. Table
    Open B shape both hands, palms down, tips out. Draw apart and down, outlining shape of table. (Sometimes made with T hanndshapes.)
  8. Lamp
    RH flat O palms down. Rest right elbow in left palm. Drop right flat O into 5 shape, palm down.
  9. Chair
    C shape LH palm right. Hang right N over left thumb.
  10. Couch
    C shape both hands, left palm out, right palm left. Hook right C over thumb of left C.
  11. Curtain
    Four shape both hands. Drop forward and down, ending with palms down.
  12. Rug
    LH open B palm down, tips out. R shape RH palm down, tips left. Place RH on left wrist and slide to fingertips.
  13. Mirror
    RH open B palm in. Hold before face and twist slightly to the right. Repeat motion.
  14. Picture
    LH open B palm right, tips up. Place thumb and index finger of right C against right eye then move down to left palm.
  15. Radio
    Place cupped right hand over right ear.
  16. Piano
    Mime playing piano.
  17. Telephone
    Y shape RH. Place thumb on ear and little finger on mouth.
  18. Television
    Fingerspell T-V in quick succession as if one movement.
  19. Bed
    Place right palm on right cheek and tilt head slightly.
  20. Blanket
    B shape both hands, palms down, tips facing. Move toward chest, as if pulling blanket up to neck.
  21. Sheet
    S shape both hands, knuckles down. Draw up from waist to shoulders, as if pulling up a sheet.
  22. Pillow
    Place back of left open B at right side of head. Tilt head to right and mime patting underside of pillow with tips of cupped RH.
  23. Drawer
    Hold cupped hands in front of body palms up, then draw back as if pulling drawer open.
  24. Shelf
    Open B both hands held high, palms down, tips out. Hold together then move apart in straight line.
  25. Bath
    A shape both hands, knuckles in, thumbs up. Make scrubbing motion on chest.
  26. Toilet
    Shake right T from left to right several times.
  27. Tub
    T shape both hands, palms up, little fingers touching. Move apart and up, outlining shape of tub.
  28. Shower
    S shape RH palm down. Hold above head and open into 5 shape. Repeat motion.
  29. Shampoo
    Claw shape both hands. Place tips on head and rub back and forth, as if shampooing hair.
  30. Soap
    Open B both hands, left palm up, tips out; right palm in, tips down. Draw right fingers backward across left palm ending in A shape.
  31. Toothbrush
    Rub edge of right index finger back and forth over teeth.
  32. Toothpaste
    Mime spreading paste on toothbrush.
  33. Towel
    Open B both hands, palms facing, tips up. Circle palms on cheeks.
  34. Laundry
    L shape both hands, left palm up, tips slanted right; right palm down, tips slanted left. Twist hands back and forth.
  35. Broom
    S shape both hands. Mime holding broom and sweeping.
  36. Vacuum Cleaner
    V shape RH palm down, tips out. Move back and forth, as if vacuuming.
  37. Kitchen
    K shape RH. Shake back and forth.
  38. Cabinet
    Place thumbs and index tips or both hands together. Mime opening up cabinet doors.
  39. Refrigerator
    R shape both hands, palms facing, tips out. Shake back and forth in "shivering" motion.
  40. Oven
    LH open B palm down, tips right O shape RH palm and tips in. Slide RH under left open B.
  41. Stove
    S shape RH palm in. Place at mouth then twist wrist quickly so that palm faces down.
  42. Sink
    C shape LH palm and tips right, little finger side down. S shape RH. Place right arm in left C and slowly wiggle down (sink out of sight).
  43. Box
    Open B both hands, palms facing, thumbs up. Turn LH right and RH left to form shape of box.
  44. Bag
    S shape LH knuckles down. Place index finger of right B on left S and circle under LH.
  45. Basket
    Place index finger of right B under left wrist and arc to elbow, ending with little finger side touching.
  46. Machine
    Interlock fingers, palms in, and move up and down.
  47. Battery
    B shape LH. Strike left index finger with knuckle of right index finger twice.
  48. Candle
    Five shape RH. Place tip of left index finger on right wrist. Wiggle fingers of RH.
  49. Basement
    LH open B palm down, tips right. Circle right A, thumb extented, under left B counter clockwise.
  50. Garage
    LH open B palm down, tips out. Slide right 3 (palm in) under left hand.
  51. Key
    LH open B palm right, tips out. Twist knuckles of right index in left palm.
  52. Hammer
    S shape LH knuckles right. A shape RH. Move right. A toward left S as if hitting nail.
  53. Camera
    Mime holding camera in front of face and clicking shutter.
  54. Thing
    RH open B palm up tips out. Move out and to the right in small bouncing movements.
  55. Mail
    Place thumb of right A on mouth. Change to M shape and place tips in upturned left palm.
  56. Magazine
    LH open B palm right, tips out. Grasp bottom of LH with right index and thumb and slide RH forward.
  57. Newspaper
    LH open B palm up, tips out. Place thumb of right G in left palm then snap tips together two or three times.
  58. Letter (mail)
    Place thumb of right A on mouth and then on upturned left palm.
  59. Stamp
    LH open B palm up, tips out. PLace tips of right H on lips then move down and place in left palm.
  60. String
    S shape LH palm out. Place tip of right I on left S then shake away to the right.
  61. Light (noun)
    Right flat O palm down. Hold up at right side then drop fingers into 5 shape down.
  62. Fire
    Curved 5 shape both hands, palms in. Move up, fluttering fingers.
  63. Cigarette
    Tap left index with right index and little finger several times.
  64. Tissue
    LH open B palm up, tips out. T shape RH palm down, knuckles left. Brush base of right T across base of left palm twice.
  65. Closet
    B shape both hands, index fingers touching. Turn RH to right, then hook right index over base of left and move forward.
  66. Class
    C shape both hands held close together. Draw apart and around to front ending in 5 shapes, little fingers touching.
  67. Gym (class)
    A shape both hands, knuckles facing. Hold above shoulders and move forward in circular movements. (Sometimes made with G shapes.)
  68. Cafeteria
    Place tips of flat O on mouth. Then form A shapes both hands, palms facing, and move from right to left.
  69. Meeting (noun)
    Five shape both hands, palms facing, tips up. Bring tips together, forming flat O shapes.
  70. Vacation
    Five shape both hands, palms facing, tips out. Tap upper chest with thumbs several times.
  71. Test
    X shape both hands, palms out. Crook and uncrook index fingers several times while moving hands downward.
  72. Book
    Palms together thumbs up. Open as if opening book.
  73. Lesson
    Open B both hands. RH fingers bent. Place little finger side of RH on fingertips, then heel of left palm.
  74. Problem
    Bent V shapes both hands, right palm down, left palm in. Place knuckles together then twist in opposite directions. RH rotating foward, LH rotating back.
  75. Story
    Open 9 shape both hands. Move down, link thumbs and index fingers, thenpull apart, ending in 9 shapes. Repeat motion.
  76. Board
    Run base of right B up left arm from wrist to elbow.
  77. Chalk
    Mime writing on blackboard with chalk.
  78. Desk
    D shapes both hands, palms facing, thumbs almost touching. Draw apart and down.
  79. Bell
    LH open B palm right, tips up. Strike right S against left palm and pull away. Repeat motion.
  80. Music
    LH open B palm up, tips slightly right. Swing right M back and forth over left palm and forearm without touching.
  81. Noise
    Five shape both hands, index fingers held at ears. Shake hands outward.
  82. Attention
    B shape both hands, palms placed on temples. Move forward parallel to one another.
  83. Mess
    Claw shape both hands, palms facing. Simultaneously twist LH inward and RH outward.
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