Chapter 11 - Normality, Mental Illness, Mental Health

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  1. Biopsychosocial framework

    is an approach to describing and explaining how biological, psychological and social factors combine and interact to influence a person’s physical and mental health. HOLISTIC VIEW
  2. Biological factors

    involve physiologically based or determined influences, often not under our control, such as the genes we inherit and our neurochemistry
  3. Psychological factors

    involve all those influences associated with mental processes such as how we think; learn; make decisions; solve problems; perceive our internal and external environments, perceive, understand and experience emotions; manage stress and reconstruct memories.
  4. Social factors

    are described broadly to include such factors as our skills in interacting with others, the range and quality of our interpersonal relationships, the amount and type of support available from others when needed, as well as socio-cultural factors such as our cultural values and traditions, family upbringing, exposure to trauma and stressors, educational and employment history, income level and access to medical care
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Chapter 11 - Normality, Mental Illness, Mental Health
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