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  1. Is a recept. required behind a corner sink?
    Only if the space is 18" or more deep
  2. How many recept. does an unfinished basement require?
    Unfinished basement requires a recept. in each section.
  3. What is the min. and max. cord length for a dishwasher and a compactor?
    Min. is 36" and max. is 48"
  4. In a kitchen what is the max that a recept. can be above the countertop?
  5. Baseboard heaters are not allowed where?
    They are not allowed under a recept. outlet
  6. Min circuit rating for a space heater?
    125% of nameplate
  7. If a paddle fan is greater than___ lbs how is it required to be supported.
    70lbs and independant support
  8. A window or wall AC unit with a cord/plug require what in the cord/plug cap
    leakage detection interupter
  9. For outdoor recepts. what is the exception requiring a GFCI
    If the recept. is not readily accessible and for deicing tape.
  10. What rooms may not have a lighting outlet that is a switch outlet.
    Kitchen and bathroom
  11. A garage door requires what type of light connection.
    A garage door does not require a light.
  12. Where are occupancy sensors allowed?
    Hallways, stairs, and exits.
  13. May swithced outlets have a dimmer switch?
  14. In a bathroom where may track lighting, suspended lights and paddle fans be?
    They must be > 8ft. above and > 3 ft from the side top of tub and shower threshold.
  15. For non-IC rated recessed lights how far do they need to be from combustibles and insulation
    1/2" from combustibles and 3" from insulation
  16. In an attic if a cable is within____ft of the opening what action should take place.
    In the attic if the cable is within 6ft of the attic opening it should be protected.
  17. A NM ( Romex) cable is usually for what type environment?
    NM ( Romex) cable is generally for dry locations.
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