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  1. purpose of apgar testing
    1st test given right after baby is born, performed in the delivery room, designed to evaluate a newbors physical condition to determine any immediate need fr extra medical or emergency care
  2. what should parents know about apgar test
    it was dsigned to help health care providers assess a new borns over all physical condition to determine any immediate medical needs, and it was NOT designed to predict babys LT health, behavior, intelectual status or outcome
  3. APGAR acronym
    • activity
    • pulse
    • grimace
    • appearance
    • respiration
  4. when is apgar testing performed
    once at 1 minute and again at 5 minutes after birth. test may be done a 3rd time depending on baby's condition or if the first two scores are low
  5. what does apgar score of 8 mean?
    good health
  6. what does apgar score of 3 mean
    poor health, possibility that baby needs additional medical care, or maybe even additional suctioning to improve oxygenation
  7. what does gestational age mean
    length of time that a fetus has been developing in the mothers womb
  8. when is a baby actually conceived
    actuality, the baby is usually conceived around day 14 of your cycle
  9. what is the purose of EFM
    monitor fetus wellbeing in regards to heart rate
  10. what is normal FHR
    120-160 BPM
  11. when do you call a doctor during EFM
    fewer than 10 movements in 12 hours, no movement for 8 hours and/or sudden/violent movements followed by reduced movements
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  16. 1st trimester
    1st-13th week of pregnancy
  17. 2nd trimester
    14-27th week of pregnancy
  18. 3rd trimester
    28th wek - delivery
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