Prints & Drawings

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  1. Types of drawing usage
    • Construction
    • Production
  2. Military prints are prepared in accordance with
    ASME Y14.100
  3. Heavy unbroken lines
    Used to indicate visible edges of an object
    Outline Lines
  4. Medium lines with short evenly spaced dashes used to indicate concealed edges.
    Hidden Lines
  5. Thin lines made up long and short dashes alternately spaced and consistent in length.
    Used to indicate symmetry about an axis and location of center.
    Center Lines
  6. Thin unbroken lines
    used to indicate extent of dimensions
    Extension lines
  7. Thin lines terminated with arrow heads at each end.
    Used to indicate measured distance
    Dimension Lines
  8. Thin lines terminated with arrow heads or dot at one end.
    Used to indicate a part, dimension, or other reference.
    Leader lines
  9. Thin ruled lines with freehand zig-zags
    Used to reduce the size of a drawing required to delineate object and reduce detail.
    Break Lines
  10. Used to indicate alternate position of part, repeated detail or to indicate a datum plane
    Phantom or Datum Lines
  11. Medium lines or short dashes evenly spaced and labled
    Used to indicate stitching or sewing
    Stictch Lines
  12. Thick short lines with arrowhead
    Used to indicate in which sectional or plane that is viewed or taken.
    Cutting Lines
  13. Used to illustrate particular parts of an object
    Removed Section
  14. How do you make correction to drawings and prints
    • Red
    • Yellow
  15. Storage of drawings and prints
    • Fold
    • Roll
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