Physiological and Acoustic Phonetics- Speech Praxis

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  1. The /r/ and /l/ sounds may both be categorized as
  2. A semivowel that can be categorized as a voiced bilabial glide that is +anterior and +continuants is the
  3. The influence of one phoneme upon another in production and perception where n two different articulators move simultaneously to produce two different speech sounds
  4. Broad phonemic transcription involves
    the use of IPA symbols to transcribe phonemes by enclosing them within slash marks (e.g./f/)
  5. If a speaker said, "I just love 'em and leave 'em" could be transcribed as
    /liv m/
  6. The two properties of a medium that affect sound transmission are
    mass and elasticity
  7. A sound wave with horizontal and vertical symmetry that contains one peak or crest and one valley or trough and it contains a single frequency and is aresult of simple harmonic motion is a _________ wave
    sinusoidal wave
  8. A ______ frequency is a frequency with which a source of sound vibrates naturally and that is affected by the mass and stiffness of the vibrating body.
    natural frequency
  9. An ______ is an indication of the interval between two frequencies
  10. The to-and -from movement of air molecules because of a vibrating object is referred to as
  11. The lowest frequency of a periodic wave is also know as
    the fundamental frequency or first harmonic
  12. When two or more sounds of differing frequencies are added, the result is a
    complex tone; the vibrtions that make up this complex tone may be said to be periodic or aperiodic
  13. When a speaker is producing a vowel and the vowel is being acoustically analyzed, one can state as a general rule that,:
    F1 varies mostly as a result of tongue height, and F2 varies mostly as a result of tongue advancement (variation in the anterior-to -posterior position of the tongue in the oral cavity0
  14. In a periodic complex sound, tones that occur over the fundabmental frequency and can be characterized as whole-number multiples of the fundamental frequency are called:
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