Physiology Ch. 5

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  1. Metabolism
    All reactions that involve energy transformations
  2. ATP
    • Universal energy carrier of the cell
    • Requires the input of a large amount of energy
    • Energy must be conserved, the bond produced by joining Pi to ADP must contain a part of this energy
    • This energy is released when ATP converted to ADP and Pi (ATP--> ADP + Pi)
  3. Goal of cell respiration and metabolism
    Produce ATP for energy (not to store it but transfer it for other functions)
  4. Metabolism can be divded into 2 categories
    • Catabolic
    • Anabolic
  5. Catabolic
    • Release energy
    • Breakdown larger organic molecules into smaller molecules
    • Serve as primary sources of energy for synthesis of ATP
    • ** Catabolic reactions that break down glucose, fatty acids and amino acids serve as the primary sources of energy for the synthesis of ATP
  6. Anabolic
    • Require input of energy
    • Synthesis of large energy-storage molecules
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