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  1. If any abnormal start indication occurs prior to moving the associated throttle out of CUTOFF into IDLE, immediately abort the start by pressing:

    the PUSH to DISENG button
  2. If any abnormal start indication occurs after placing the throttle to IDLE, immediately abort the start by:

    • Placing the throttle to CUTOFF
    • Placing the ignition switch to OFF
    • Allow start to continue to turn engine for 15 secs to purge fuel
    • Then press the start disengage button
  3. 1. If automatic starter dropout has not occured by 45% N2, press .......

    2. If yellow start and white disengage button do not extinguish:.....
    i. the starter disengage button

    • ii. throttles- cutoff
    • battery- off
    • master generator switches - EMER
    • (to avoid overspeeding starter and possible starter/genertor fire)
  4. Hot Start

    Engine lights, but ITT exceeds starting Ops Limit (~550 C)

    • -ITT rapidly approaching limits or
    • -Fuel Flow high
  5. Hot Start

    Possible Causes
    • Incorrect starting procedure
    • Bleed Air left on
    • Early starter dropout
    • No N1% RPM during start (ice in inlet)
    • Leaking pneumatic line
    • Faulty or misadjusted HMU linkage
    • Faulty igniter or power supply
  6. Hung Start

    Lights normally, but fails to accelerate to idle RPM

    (may result in Hot Start if not corrected)
  7. Hung Start

    Possible Causes
    • Incorrect starting procedure
    • EFC not out of reversion
    • Bleed air left on
    • Faulty HMU
    • Misadjusted HMU linkage/ regulating valve stuck
    • Flow divider valve malfunction or leak
  8. Emergency Ground Egress

    PF/PNF actions
    • PF: Cuts Throttles
    • Pilot: Advise passengers, Set Parking Brake, Battery-OFF

    • PNF: Calls Ground: problem, tail #, location
    • Co-Pilot: Push O2 system ready knob in, Standby battery-OFF

    Jump: Move seat out of the way, open door, chock wheels

    ~Meet at rally point to take accountability
  9. Factors affecting Takeoff Decision:
    -If the acceleration check fails, the takeoff should be aborted

    -If any system emergency affecting the safety of flight is experienced prior to S1 speed, the takeoff should be aborted

    -If an emergency is experienced at or after S1, the takeoff should be continued
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