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  1. Disciplines of the humanities include-
    Fine arts: Art, Sculpture, music, dance, architecture, theatre, cinema, literature, and philosophy.
  2. Aesthetics-
    Appreciation of beauty or good taste.
  3. Creativity-
    Bringing forth new forms and ideas.
  4. Symbol-
    Form, image, or subject that stands for something else.
  5. Fine art-
    Those disciplines that create works produced for beauty rather than utilities.
  6. Applied art-
    At that has decorative or utilitarian prupose.
  7. Artifact-
    Product produced by human craft, particularly one of archeological, artistic, or historical interest.
  8. Style-
    Indivisual characteristics of a work that identify it with a particular artist, nationality, historical period, school, or artist.
  9. Conventions-
    Generally accepted practice or device.
  10. Formal criticism-
    Analyzes artwork as we find it, applying no external conditions or information.
  11. Contextual criticism-
    Seeks meaning to formal criticism by an examination of related info outside the artwork, such as facts about the artist's life, culture, or social conditions.
  12. Artisanship-
    The craftmanship and skill with which the artist handles the material.
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