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  1. Medium-
    The materials used, the process used by an artist.
  2. Drawing - Dry Media-
    Chalk, Charcoal, graphite, pastel.
  3. Drawing - Liquid Media-
    Ink, Wash.
  4. Oil paint-
    Using linseed oil as a pigment binder.
  5. Watercolor paint-
    Using water-soluable binder and pigment.
  6. Tempera paint-
    Ground pigment or egg yolk.
  7. Acrylic paint-
    Synthetic paint, pigment and acrylic polymer.
  8. Fresco-
    Water soluble pigment used on wet plaster, the image becomes part of the wall as opposed to being painted on it.
  9. Prints-
    Hand produced picture that has been transferred from a printing surface to a piece of paper (not a copy or reproduction).
  10. Relief prints-
    Ink is transferred from raised area on a printing block to the paper.
  11. Intaglio prints-
    Ink is transferred from grooves in a metal plate to paper by means of pressure, includes engraving and etching.
  12. Lithograph-
    Image rendered on stone or other flat surface with grease crayon to which the water in the ink does not stick.
  13. Art elements-
    • Basic units used by the artist-
    • Line: Point moving through space.
    • Shape: Closed line.
    • Color: Hue, saturation of pigment.
    • Texture: How it looks like it feels.
    • Value: Lights and darks.
  14. Design principles-
    • Creative organization of the elements by the artist-
    • Repetition: repeated shapes, colors, lines.
    • Contrast: Dissimilar elements placed next to each other or combined.
    • Symmetrical balance: The same on both sides.
    • Asymmetrical balance: Different on each side.
    • Focal point: Where your eye lingers longest, area of greatest visual interest.
    • Unity: When elements of an artwork conbine to create meaning.
    • Linear perspective: In 2D art, the creation of the illusion of distance through use of lines converging in space to an imaginary vanishing point and the use of foreshortening.
  15. Atmospheric perspective-
    The indication of distance in painting through the use of light and atmoshpere.
  16. Chiaroscuro-
    Technique of using light and shade to develop three dimensional forms.
  17. Dynamics-
    In visual art, a sense of movement or repose contained within the picture plane.
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