Chapter 15: Organitzations of the Human Body

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  1. What is chemistry?
    the basis for homeostasis
  2. Homeostasis is...
    the balance between physical and emotional well being.
  3. Physics is...
    the science of matter.
  4. What is matter?
    anything that has weight and occupies space.
  5. Kinds of matter
    • element
    • compound
    • mixture
  6. States of matter:
    • Solid
    • liquid
    • gas
  7. What is an element?
    pure, simple element that cannot be broken down.
  8. What is an atom?
    smallest part of an element; building blocks of body
  9. What is an atom composed of?
    • electron (-)
    • proton (+)
    • neutron (no charge)
  10. Compounds...
    made up of two or more elements.
  11. Mixture...
    two or more substances that have been mixed together w/o forming a new compound. (Can be separated; don't mix chemically) ie, blood is a mixture.
  12. There's only two changes that go on in our body:
    physical and emotional.
  13. Chemical changes:
    a release of heat.
  14. Physical changes:
    outside appearance.
  15. Physiology
    Study of how the body functions.
  16. Pathophysiology
    study of disorders of functioning.
  17. Body cavity:
    a space within the body that contains internal organs.
  18. Viscera:
    Internal organs
  19. Diaphragm:
    large muscle that separates the ventral cavities.
  20. metabolism:
    the ability to process, obtain energy from, and create new products using the chemicals found in foods.
  21. Anabolism:
    the building up, assimilation, or conversion of ingested substances.
  22. catabolism
    breaking down, disingrating, or tearing substances into simpler substances.
  23. Protoplasm:
    all parts that make up the cell.
  24. cytoplasm:
    area of the cell not located in the nucleus.
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