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  1. Epithelial Tissue
    protects body and produces secretions. (can regenerate)
  2. Shearing
    tearing of the skin.
  3. Stratified squamous
  4. avascular
    without blood
  5. connective tissue:
    • supports, binds, protects
    • provides protection for organs
    • can provide nutrients to the body, stores vital nutrients such as fat or calcium
  6. Liquid matrix:
  7. Red blood cells:
    erythrocytes (carry oxygen and CO2)
  8. Leukocyte
    white blood cells (carry immunity; help fight pathogens)
  9. Platelets
    Thrombocytes (blood clotting coagulations)
  10. Areolar tissue
    • loose connective tissue
    • highly vascular (numerous blood vessels)
    • located where the body can intercept pathogens before they enter the bloodstream. Ex: mouth
  11. Fibrous connective tissue:
    • found where a need for flexible strength exists
    • (dermis layer is the skin and in ligaments and tendons)
    • blood supply to fibrous connective tissue is poor.
  12. Adipose tissue:
    • stores fats (lipids) as a food reserve and is found throughout the body.
    • most formed prenatally and during the first year of life.
  13. elastic:
    can stretch to none and one-half times its original size. (found in the larynx, large arteries, alveoli (air sacs) and the external ear).
  14. Hard connective tissue
    • includes bones nad caritilage
    • bone is the hardest
    • gives the entire body structure , support, and mobility.
  15. Cartilage:
    tough, elastic tissue found between segments of the spinal cord and the vertebrae.
  16. Membranes:
    sheets of epithelial or connective tissue that act together to cover.
  17. Epithelial Membranes:
    1.) Mucous membranes
    line the body cavities that open to the outside
  18. 2.) Serous:
    line the body cavities that open to the inside.
  19. Parietal layer
    attached to the wall of the body cavity
  20. Visceral layer
    covering organs
  21. 3.) Connective membranes
    • skeletal
    • fascial
    • superficial
    • deep
  22. fascial
    holds organs in place
  23. superficial
    toward outside
  24. deep
  25. organs
    two or more tissues that come together
  26. systems
    groups of organs
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