Molarity & Molality

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  1. Molal
    Pertaining to the number of moles of solute per kilogram of solvent
  2. Molar
    Pertaining to the number of moles of solute per liter of solution
  3. 1 Molar solution (1.0M)=
    • 1 mole of solute dissolved in 1L of solution
    • Doesn't specify exact amount of H20
  4. 1 Molal solution (1.0m)=
    1 mole of solute dissolved in 1kg H20
  5. Osmolality (Osm)
    • Total molality of a solution
    • ex: 1.0m of NaCl yields a 2 Osm solution, because NaCl dissociates into Na+ + Cl-
  6. Tonicity
    Is effect of a solution (sln) on osomotic movement of H2O
  7. Isotonic solution (2 solutions)
    Have tsame osmotic pressure
  8. Hypertonic solution
    • Have higher osmotic pressure & are osmotically active
    • ** Hypotonics have lower osmotic pressure
  9. Isosmotic solutions
    Have same osmolality as plasma
  10. Hypo-osmotic solutions
    • Have lower osmotic pressure than plasma
    • * hyperosmotics have higher pressure than plasma
  11. Regulation of blood Osmolality
    • Blood osmolality maintained in narrow range around 300m Osm
    • If dehydrated, osmoreceptors in hypothalamus stimulate: ADH release (which cause kidney to conserve H2O) & Thirst
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