The Integumentary System

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  1. The skin is divided into what two layer?
    • epidermis
    • dermis
  2. epidermis
    • thin, superficial layer
    • outermost protective layer of the skin
    • composed of squamous (scaly) epithelium, stratified into several layers
  3. innermost layer of the epidermis is composed of:
    living cells and is called the strtum basale.
  4. Dermis:
    • thicker layer
    • composed entirely of live cells
    • contains blood and lymph vessels, nerves, hair follicles, sweat glands and oil glands
  5. Subcutaneous tissue
    • layer beneath the dermnis and on top of a layer of muscle.
    • specializes in the formation and storage of lipocytes
    • cushions and protects underlying areas.
    • serves as a heat insulator
  6. skin color
    • combination of three pigments:
    • melanin
    • carotene
    • hemoglobin
  7. melanin
    brown-black pigment produced by melanocytes, found mostly in the basal layer of the epidermis
  8. carotene
    a yellowish pigment found in parts of the epidermis and dermis.
  9. Normal temp:
    • 98.6 degrees F
    • 37 degrees C
  10. Hair
    • protects hair shaft (dead) outer part
    • around root is hair follicle
  11. baldness
  12. arrector pili
    • stimulated by cold or fear
    • these muscles contract making the hair stand erect.
  13. Nails:
    tightly packed epidermis cells
  14. Nail matrix
    where nail grows
  15. lunula
    white bc air has mixed w the keratin
  16. Sebaceous gland
    oil gland that produces sebum
  17. sudoriferous gland
    sweat glands
  18. apocrine
    become active during puberty, secreting a milky sweat into the hair follicle.
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