Quiz Week 10 Vocab

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  1. Acromegaly
    disorder caused by excessive secretion of growth hormone; causes enlarged jows and facial bones
  2. Adventitious sounds
    Abnormal sounds (breath)
  3. Alopecia
    hair loss
  4. Aneurysm
    localized dilation of a vessel wall
  5. Aphasia
    communication that is clearly ineffective
  6. Apical impulse
    5th intercostal space and midclavicular line
  7. Arcus senilis
    A thin, white ring along the margin of the iris
  8. Atherosclerosis
    Indicated by diminished or unequal carotid pulsations
  9. Atrophied
    reduced in size
  10. Basal cell carcinoma
    most common in sun-exposed skin; almost never spreads
  11. Benign (fibrocystic) breast disease
    Bilateral, lumpy, painful breasts
  12. Borborygmi
    loud, "growling" sounds indicating increased gastrointestinal motility
  13. Bronchophony
    When voice is transmitted to the chest wall and can be heard clearly w/ stethoscope
  14. Bruit
    Blowing sound heard over carotid artery
  15. Capillary refill
    Test blanching nail bed & observe time elapse before nail regains full color
  16. Caries
  17. Cerumen
    Yellow, waxy substance from ear
  18. Chancre
    syphilitic lesions: small open ulcers that drain serous material
  19. Cherry angiomas
    ruby red papules
  20. Cholecystitis
  21. Cirrhosis
    degenerative disease of the liver
  22. Clubbing
    a bulging of tissues at the nail base
  23. Conjunctivitis
    highly contageous infection of the eye
  24. Cyanosis
    Blue discoloration
  25. Dermititis
    Inflammatory condition of the skin
  26. Distention
  27. Dysrhythmia
    Failure of the heart to beat at regular successive intervals
  28. Ectropion
    eyelid margins turn out
  29. Eczema
    general superficial dermatitis of unknown cause. Weeps then crusts/thickens
  30. Edema
    Swollen d/t buildup of fluid in the tissues
  31. Entropion
    eyelid margins turn in
  32. Erythema
    red discoloration
  33. Excoriation
    local skin breakdown
  34. Exophthalmos
    Bulging eyes
  35. Exostosis
    Bony growth
  36. Goniometer
    measures precise degree of motion in a particular joint
  37. Hemorrhoids
    dilated veins that appear as reddened protrusions
  38. Hepatitis B virus
    HBV: vaccine available
  39. Hernias
    protrusions of abdominal organs though the muscle wall
  40. Hirsutism
    hair growth on the upper lip of a woman
  41. Hydrocephalus
    Build-up of cerebrospinal fluid in the ventricles
  42. Hypertonicity
    muscle with increased tone
  43. Hypotonicity
    Muscle with decreased tone
  44. Indurated
  45. Integument
    consists of the skin, hair, scalp, and nails
  46. Jaundice
    Yellow-orange discoloration
  47. Kyphosis
    hunchback: exaggeration of the posterior curvature of the thoracic region
  48. Leukoplakia
    Thick, white patches (in the mouth)
  49. Lordosis
    swayback: increased lumbar curvature
  50. Melanoma
    an aggressive form of skin cancer
  51. Metastasize
  52. Murmurs
    sustained swishing or blowing sounds heard at the beginning, middle, or end of systolic or diastolic phase
  53. Nystagmus
    Involuntary, rhythmical oscillation of the eyes
  54. Occlusion
  55. Ophthalmoscope
    Used to inspect the fundus of the eye
  56. Orthopnea
    Person must sit or stand to breathe comfortably and deeply
  57. Osteoporosis
    metabolic bone disease causing a decrease in quality & quantitiy of bone
  58. Otoscope
    Used to observe the deeper structures of the external and middle ear
  59. Ototoxicity
    Injury to the auditory nerve
  60. Palpation
    Involves the use of the hands to touch the body parts to make sensitive assessment
  61. Pancreatitis
    Inflammation of the pancreas
  62. Papanicolaou (PAP) test
    Test for cervical and vaginal cancer
  63. Paralytic ileus
    Or peritonitis: late-stage bowel obstruction
  64. Peristalsis
    Movement of contents through the stomach (a normal function)
  65. Peritonitis
    Or Paralytic ileus: late-stage bowel obstruction
  66. PERRLA
    Pupils Equal, Round, Reactive to Light, Accomodation
  67. Petechiae
    Pinpoint-sized, red or purple dots on the skin caused by small hemorrhages in the skin layers
  68. Phlebitis
    inflammation of a vein
  69. Pigmentation
    Color of the skin
  70. Point of maximal impulse (PMI)
    apical pulse: 5th intercostal space and midclavicular line
  71. Polyps
    Tumorlike growths
  72. Ptosis
    An abnormal drooping of the lid over the pupil
  73. Pulse defecit
    the radial pulse is slower than the radial pulse
  74. Scoliosis
    Lateral spine curvature
  75. Senile keratosis
    thickening of the skin
  76. Squamous cell carcinoma
    Develops on outer layers of sun-exposed skin; may matastisize
  77. Stenosis
  78. Striae
    stretch marks
  79. Syncope
    circulatory arrest
  80. Tactile fremitus
    Sound waves create vibrations that you can palpate externally
  81. Thrill
    continuous, palpable sensation like the purring of a cat
  82. Turgor
    the skin's elasticity
  83. Varicosities
    Swollen, tortuous veins
  84. Ventricular gallop
    Abnormal low pitched sound heard early during diastole
  85. Vocal fremitus
    Sound waves create vibrations what you can palpate externally
  86. Whispered pectoriloquy
    Whispered voice becomes clear/distinct during certain lung abnormalities
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