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  1. simple squamous epithelium
    • location: alveoli of lungs, glomerulus
    • function: diffusion and filtration
  2. stratified squamous epithelium
    • location: lining of esophagus, lining of mouth, skin (keratinized)
    • function: protection from abrasion
  3. simple cuboidal epithelium
    • location: kidney tubules, ovaries, small glands and ducts
    • function: secretion and absorption
  4. pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium
    • location: trachea
    • function: secretion and propulsion of mucus
  5. transitional epithelium
    • location: ureters and bladder
    • function: ability to stretch/distend
  6. loose areolar C.T.
    • location: hypodermis, around organs
    • function: wraps and packs
  7. adipose C.T.
    • location: abdomen, backs of eyeballs, breasts, around organs
    • function: insulation, support, fat storage
  8. hyaline cartilage
    • location: ends of long bones, nose
    • function: flexible support
  9. osseous tissue
    • location: bones/skeleton
    • function: support, storage of calcium, protection, RBC production
  10. blood tissue
    • location: inside of blood vessels
    • function: transport nutrients, waste, respiratory gases
  11. skeletal muscle
    • location: body muscle ex/ deltoid, latissimus dorsi
    • structural features: striations, long and cylindrical cells
    • function: voluntary movement
  12. cardiac muscle
    • location: heart
    • structural features: intercalated disks, branched cells, shorter cells, striations
    • function: involuntary contraction of cardiac tissue
  13. smooth muscle
    • location: esophagus, hollow organs, lining of blood vessels
    • structural features: no striations
    • function: involuntary movement
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