The Nervous System and Sensory

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  1. Central Nervous System
    • brain
    • spine
  2. peripheral nervous system
    • cranial nerve
    • spinal nerve
  3. sclera
    white of the eye
  4. conjunctiva
    a transparent mucus membrane
  5. lacrimal glands
    produce tears
  6. cornea
    transparent but tough section over the front of the eyeball
  7. What is one structure through which light rays pass?
  8. choroid
    middle layer of eye
  9. anterior chamber
    space behind the cornea and in front of the iris
  10. posterior chamber
    begins behind the iris
  11. iris
    gives eye its specific color
  12. pupil
    blaack center opening within the eye that regulates the amount of light that enters the eye.
  13. lens
    • behind the iris
    • focuses light rays on the retina.
  14. vitreous humor
    transparent gelatin like material.
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