Social studies terms

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  1. Kansas
    A state in the central US
  2. history
    Events that happened in the past
  3. culture
    A group of people and their way of life
  4. absolute location
    location description using longitude and latitude
  5. conter minous
    contained in thes same boundries
  6. ecosystem
    community of living things dependant on one another
  7. folklore
    traditional beliefs, myths, tales, and practices of a people
  8. physical feature
    natural landforms and characteristics of a place
  9. physiographic region
    land regions formed by a similar geologic process
  10. primary source
    an original record; somebody there at the time
  11. relative location
    where something is at using a place's location in relation to other places
  12. absolute dating
    when you determine the age of an object by its physical or chemical qualities or written record
  13. adaptation
    change in behavior in response to new or modified surroundings
  14. domesticate
    to train or adapt an animal/plant to be of use to humans
  15. infer
    to imply
  16. artifact
    something made or used by people in the past
  17. nomadic
    no fixed home; moves from place to place
  18. relative dating
    arrangement of artifacts or events in sequence to one another
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