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  1. When is a sanitary T ok?
    When it goes from horizontal to verticle
  2. When is a double sanitary tee not OK
    Not OK when in a water closet with arms <18"
  3. Fixtures with flood rim below upstream manhole cover require what?
    They require a backwater valve
  4. The sump discharge is lifted where?
    It is lifted to above gravity drain and on the top of the drain
  5. Shower pan liner is made of what?
    Plastic or 3 layers of hot mop type 15 felt
  6. Max discharge temp of a Bidet
  7. When is an expansion tank requierd?
    Required for regulators without integral bypass and a building with check valves.
  8. What is the max length of a gas connector?
    Max. length is 3' unless it is for a range or dryer them it is 6'
  9. What allows a gas connector to pass through a wall.
    Gas connectors are not allowed to pass through walls or appliance walls.
  10. How are regulated pressures computed for water supply and distribution.
    80% of setting
  11. What is the min. clearance for a cleanout?
    Min. clearance is 18" the exception is for a pipe <3" the clearance can be 12"
  12. When is a cleanout not required?
    If it is a run <5', slope of 72% or less than 1/5 bend from verticle.
  13. How many floors or required to have cleanouts?
    None above first floor.
  14. Gas pipes are required to be labeled when.
    Pipes in separate rooms are required to be labeled and if other than a steel pipe they should be labeled every 5' "GAS"
  15. For island sink vents what type fittings are required
    Drain type fittings
  16. What upstream fixtures are allowed for island vents.
  17. What length of time and pressure are gas pipes tested.
    60 minutes at 3psig
  18. What is the min and max size for a trap seal.
    2 and 4 inches
  19. What is the max fall for a trap arm?
    1 pipe diameter
  20. What is the max verticle distance for a tailpiece?
    24" The exception is for a clothes washer.
  21. For a laundry, what is the min. and max for a standpipe? What is the min. and max for the trap above the floor.
    Standpipe min is 18" and max is42". The min and max above the floor for the trap is 6" and 18"
  22. For the laundry how close does the standpipe need to be?
    Tub may drain to a standpipe within 30"
  23. For gas piping how should the interior of the pipe be prepared.
    The interior of a pipe being used for gas should be deburred.
  24. How far above the roof and how far above the ground should gas piping be installed?
    An outdoor pipe should be installed 3 1/2" above the ground and roof
  25. When the buried gas pipe is plastic what is required.
    A plastic buried gas pipe requires a #18 gage tracer wire.
  26. What is the max discharge temp. for a whirlpool?
  27. What is the min. stall area for a shower
    900 square inches.
  28. Are rain drains allowed to connect to building drains?
  29. What is the min. diameter for vent above a roof for frost and heavy snow.
  30. For utility trenches, what is not allowed in the first 12" of backfill over a pipe
    No rock is allowed in the first 12" of backfill over a pipe.
  31. When a sewer shares a trench with electric how is the trenched prepared and how much separation.
    Sewer maynot share a trench with electric
  32. When water and sewer share a trench what are the requirements?
    If they must be separated by 5' or the water is 12" above the sewer or sleeved.
  33. What is the max slope for a combo waste vent CMV
    Max slope is 1/2" per foot
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