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  1. On a small appliance circuit what can be on the same circuit?
    Lights cannot be on the same circuit as small appliances but a clock, range ingnitor or refridgerator can.
  2. How many amps does a refrigerator need to be to be on an individual circuit.
    Greater than or equal to 15 amps
  3. What can be on a laundry appliance circuit
    Only a laundry appliance can be on a laundry circuit, lights may not
  4. For a swimming pool pump motor what amerage is required?
    15 & 20 amp
  5. For lights around a swimming pool what is the required distance?
    They must be >5' or min of 12' above
  6. Swimming pool lights require a GFCI plug if they are what distance from pool.
    If lights are >5' and <10' or <5' above
  7. Track lighting needs to be a min___
    above the floor.
  8. For a countertop recept. what is the max the recept. can be above the countertop?
  9. What is the min. lenth of a conducter at a weatherhead.
  10. Service entrance cable needs to be secured where.
    12" from the service box and every 30 inches
  11. What is Sealtight?
    Liquidtight Flexible Metal Conduit LFMC
  12. Underground feeder cable is also called?
    "UF" or Romex
  13. When UF cable emerges from ground what is the required protection?
    UF cable should be protected 18" below ground and 8' above ground.
  14. For an interior living space what is the requirement for the number of circuits.
    1 circuit for every 500 sq. ft. of interior living space.
  15. What is another name for electrical metalic tubing and what is it suitable for?
    EMT or thinwall. It is not suitable for direct burial unless it has corrosion protection.
  16. What is the the min clearace for electrical service above a public street and what other location has the same requirement.
    Min clearance above a public street is 18' and a tractor trailor parking requires 18' above it also.
  17. For an outdoor hot tub what length of cord is OK
    A cord 15' or less and GFCI protected is OK for hot tub package unit
  18. For an outdoor hot tub what distance from the tub must all metal be bonded.
    5' or less all metal should be bonded.
  19. Elec
  20. Electrical service over a roof that is used as a walkway is what?
  21. Armoured Cable (BX) is for what environment
    For dry locations only
  22. What are "Redheads"
    Redheads are an anti-short bushing and required for BX cable
  23. If cables are below what height in an attic with pulldown stair need to be protected
    If the cable is less than 7' it should be protected.
  24. How far above a tub or shower does a receptl. need to be.
    No receptl. is allowed above a tub or shower.
  25. NM or Romex is never suitable when.
    Romex is never suitable as flexible cord or with a plug.
  26. What is FMC and what are other names for it.
    • Flexible Metal Conduit (FMC) "Greenfield"
    • or "Flex"
  27. For a swimming pool what are the requirements for placement of the junction box.
    Junction box is a min. 8" above the water and4" above the deck and min of 4' from pool edge.
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